Monday, August 27, 2012


Some of us learn about the Swiss Manager program so that we may get the best out of the system to get the results that shows the true strength of the field in honour of the players hard earned skill and sacrifice. And I guess, some learn the same program to find ways to hide the truth and to give false results.

Some of us teach our young to be honest, civil and law abiding; to train and work hard to achieve their goals and I guess some want to teach them how to write false emails or lure them with false promises of back door entries to misguide them and to teach them gangster ways.

Some of us use ratings to gauge our true strength in chess and I guess some try to cook the numbers to give the illusion of strength.

Some of us try to find the truth and determine the facts so that we have a compass and direction to achieve our goal of developing Malaysia's first GM and I guess some practice very hard at developing factually dishonest arguments to keep their free holidays, illicit power and ill gotten gains.

Now it is my contention that the former should be in the leadership of Malaysian chess and the later in positions of doing the least harm. What would occur if the later was to take the lead? Or have they already?

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