Saturday, March 16, 2013

This is not the way to treat our Juniors, MCF.

Ref: Here. What happened to you after SEA games Greg?

I was just told that Sumant contacted Greg to inform him that he was interested to go to Asian Juniors. Apparently Greg avoided his calls after that. Why is this? I was also told that Mas presented a development program at the AGM on behalf of Tan Sri. So what is the truth of the matter? Are they trying to develop Malaysian chess or is it the opposite that is happening? This sounds like an undevelopment program to me.

Lets see.

Lets say that the organisers at Asian Juniors only alloted one place for official players and that goes to the National Junior Champion. Sumant should still be able to go as an additional player although he will not have any dicounts if the Champion, Yit San decides to go too. So why is MCF not allowing this despite the fact that it is his parents that are paying. Many Countries send big contingents to develop their Juniors. Why not Malaysia? What is the game plan here to develop Malaysian chess?

On the converse, we saw Li Tian going to the Zonals quietly without MCF making a general call to our National Juniors to participate. In this day and age of the internet it is so simple to do that.

Can it be right for MCF to actively "sabotage" other Juniors in order to develop Li Tian? This is what I have been saying. This is very wrong. If there are private sponsors who want to sponsor Li Tian, that is ok. Sponsor him if you believe in him. It's your money. Spend it as you will. But you cannot remove the rights of the rest of Malaysia just to promote him.

Li Tian has never made top 6 in National Junior whereas Sumant is the only Junior who has won his place on the senior National squad via selection.

If Li Tian is any good then let his sponsor pay for his trips around the world. No problem with us. But do not sabotage our other players. With that kind of sponsorship and support Li Tian should breeze past our other Juniors at National Junior without having to sabotage others.

SEA games and the Olympiad also belongs to the Country and not to them. How can that be stolen from all of us? Let Li Tian, Jimmy, Peter play in the many many tournaments around the world if they can get the private sponsors. For Malaysian events there must be selection. Surely that makes sense.

Greg, if you are unable to appreciate this and be fair to our players and the investments of the parents then maybe you shouldn't return to MCF as the Secretary. The Malaysian chess community will be satisfied with a Secretary that may not have your organising skills but at least will not do harm to our real players.

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