Monday, March 11, 2013

FGM seeks clarification for concerns raised by the chess community.

It is my feedback from every chess player that I have spoken to without exception that proper selection is the key to progress of Malaysian chess standards. And to achieve that without loopholes we also have to look at the peripheral tools of attacks and intimidation on the blogs etc as well as banning without proper grounds. The other possible major loophole is match fixing in tournaments via manipulation of swiss manager. It is hoped that MCF will look into any serious allegations of this.

The other major concern is sabotage by using the powers of the positions in MCF to kill off competition by other Organisers, Trainers and Coaches. I think that is best expressed by Najib's (SomeDaysLikeThese) comments here. We should allow market forces to determine the success or failure on any enterprise. That is the only way for us to develop strong organisers, trainers and coaches. Using MCF to hammer the more successful parties will only ensure the survival of the weakest.

On selection.

The criteria for selection should come out early as this will allow the players to start planning their preparation. This is especially so for the senior squad. Allow me to share my concerns. It has been FGM's experience that not only does the criteria not come out early but it sometimes come out after the selection. This obviously allows for manipulation as the criteria can now be changed to suit who has the deal to go via the back door.

Right now it looks like there are people like these who wants a return of the old privileged days when they were allowed to play for Malaysia without contest. Ref: Here. Sounds a little like Li Tian is the strongest Junior when he has never even made top 6 at NJ right? Doesn't this situation look familiar? Isn't this reminiscent of the time when Sumant won his place at SEA games after training with us and beating Mok and drawing with Yee Weng. The attacks on him conducted via Jimmy's blog was extremely vicious and eventually lead to the Li Tian campaign.

Given Peter's close relationship with Jimmy and the new Deputy President, can I seek this clarification?

Does the post tauting Mas as the strongest player in Malaysia herald a stance that it is not permissible for any player to attempt to beat him in any selection on the threat of a repeat of the history we have seen by attacks on the blogs and bannings etc. If that is the case, then perhaps it would be good if Peter puts out a list on who we cannot train to beat in any selection. For at FGM, when we train, we train to beat anyone we have the skills to beat and who appears in the selection.

So to be fair to us and to the other players, perhaps you can tell us early who is in the current list of players we must NOT train to beat so that we can make informed decisions on whether we should continue to invest money, time and effort to further training.

This is important to FGM and I am sure to other good trainers and coaches too. There have been new requests for FGM to train players and I would like to be able to explain clearly the cans and cannots of Malaysian chess to the parents that want to invest in their childs training. If say Li Tian is on that list, then at least I can tell the parents honestly that I can assist in all others except training to beat Li Tian for if you try you will be attacked by Jimmy and party with the sanction of MCF. If it's Mas, Jimmy etc on the senior's list of players you must not try to beat, I can inform them of the same. Then it will be their decision whether they want to invest in a future in chess or not. I think this is an important declaration in all fairness in view of the large sums involved over time.

On approved Organisers, trainers and coaches.

It was FGM's assumption when I started that any legally registered company that provide chess services was allowed to give proposals and to function without prejudice within the chess community. In this I found myself sadly mistaken. It would be good if MCF also puts out a list of approved institutions by MCF other than those by Peter or Jimmy, if any, so that the chess community will know which events/training they can support and which ones they will find sabotaged. I think this is also fair as there are still some of us who labour under the illusion that it is the quality of our services that matter.

I hope some clarification will be forthcoming soon.

There is just one more minor point. Ref: Here. It would also be good that MCF shows us the procedure to raise issues for potential resolution. There is a strong impression within the chess community that Jimmy is the go to person for fixes of all sorts. Some clarification will help so I can direct the people who come and talk to me about issues befalling them in chess. I can then tell them with certainty that the man to see to solve all problems with MCF is Jimmy. That will save us all a lot of time and aggravation.

So until I hear otherwise, we will continue to train for selection without fear or favour. And I will continue to write this blog in the same manner as well.

All my best to MCF and for the future of Malaysian chess. May we grow from strength to strength.

Thank you for listening.

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