Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Presidential race- A FGM Commentary. Pt 1

Before I talk about all the latest going ons and offer some suggestions, I have been informed that certain people are going around saying that I am backing Zuhri's candidacy and that I will be appointed the new Secretary of MCF.

Let me try again to make my stand clear. I am not for or against anyone. I am only for improvement and correcting the flaws in our system. So I am for the candidate who will offer us solutions. 

Why I write my blog is simply because I do not feel it is correct for both MCF and Jimmy to sabotage the training of the Juniors by a current and fighting GM for Asean 2010. I do not think it is correct for Jimmy to attack the players who came to my house to train for SEA games selection 2011. FGM is a legally registered chess academy and any player can come or leave without intimidation. If my training is not any good, they can leave but I want to be judged on merit and by the market, not by gangsters. And so my intention is to restart my academy if there is change in MCF and I know that my projects, sponsors won't be sabotaged or attacked. When I know that the players that choose to come to me won't be sabotaged and attacked.

That there is an MCF that will act fairly when such incidences occur. That is all. I do not seek position or power. I only seek to be allowed to do the work I enjoy without hindrance from thugs. Is that clear now?

I also seek a level playing field so that if my players or any other players from any other academy or trainer/coach is any good they too will be given the chance to represent the Country via a fair selection process. 

No more fraudulent selections and back doors. If Jimmy still wants to play for the Country then join in the selection like everyone else. His performance at the Olympiad was very disappointing and so he does not deserve any pre-selection. If Peter wants to go to SEA games then play in the selection if he dares. Nobody is seeking to ban him or Jimmy, disgrace though they are. If Li Tian wants to be the strongest Junior then do it on the board. Win at National Junior. This is chess. It is not about who tells the tallest story or has the fattest numbers. It is not a nail bending, tai chi or marketing contest. Simple right?

Every coach, trainer, organiser, player or State official deserves an unbiased MCF to rule properly when an injustice has been done. 

I know there is a lot of anger around but I hope that we can approach these issues rationally and seek to build Malaysian chess. To destroy is easy but to build is not easy. So I hope that will be what this coming AGM will be about. The gangsters have ruled for too long. But it should also not be about retribution. If we do that then this will never end as I will try to argue next. More later.

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