Monday, March 18, 2013

I appreciate Peter's honesty.

While looking at the picture of the MCF meeting below, I was wondering about the qualities of the 2 aspirants for the Secretary's post. And I came to a rather startling conclusion that there is no real difference between them in substance, just in style. Let me explain why?

Peter is very forthright and perhaps we don't appreciate enough this quality. He forms a State Association but he doesn't bother about a KL Close or Age group or Junior event. Why bother? He doesn't need all those things. You just have to join his University and then he decides. It's simple. It's just for him to make money. He is very honest about it. He isn't bothered about doing events for the benefit of Malaysians. Why worry about Malaysian participation? Why worry at all? We are all losers here. And besides if there is anyone who can threaten one of his student's places on the winning podium then he will just ban them. And if he becomes Secretary of MCF he can now do it on a National level.

So maybe that is better.

With Greg, we are sometimes confused. He has good silat but aims for and achieves the same ends as Peter. With Greg he has many excuses. He doesn't answer phone calls, emails etc. He leaves "instructions" that are not followed and so it's always the other persons fault.

So Peter will be a breathe of fresh air. No more pusing pusing pusing anymore. Now MCF will just openly become a business with a succession plan. Ref: Here. Why do we even need the State Affiliates? The main committee now has enough votes created by precedence to forever shut out the Affiliates into nothing more than mere spectators to have some tea tarik with from time to time.

That is of course if there is no COS ruling to annul the last AGM.

So maybe that is the wake up call we need. Why bother to invest time, effort and money in chess anymore? All we have to do is to remain on the good side of Peter and all things will come our way. So much simpler. Even for the Olympiads and SEA games. At least we can sigh with relief that we won't have to play in a fraudulent selection anymore. There is no need with Peter. Just join Peter's University or attend his training programs to play for KL, play for Malaysia. He is honest.

My only caution would be to warn you of his mercurial personality changes when you deal with him. And that was even before he has all this power and authority.

So good luck Malaysian chess. All my best.

ps: Btw, organisers in KL, better start raising your entry fees. If the story is correct then you may have to start paying KLCA bunga emas. What am I saying? Maybe it will be organisers throughout Malaysia. The good thing of course is that we will getting the truth for once. Peter is honest. Just like Chin Seng is humble.

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  1. Peter as MCF secretary... all the best to M'sian chess.