Monday, March 11, 2013

Results from USM and message to our Juniors and not so Junior.


We are happy to return to training again after having to slow down in 2011 and virtually stopping in 2012 for STPM. We feel that losing to Villaneuva and drawing with the top seed Tze Han at USM shows that we are improving again. This year we will strive to continue to close the technical gap between us and the top players in the Country. Hopefully we will be in time for National Close but I hope we will be much better prepared for NJ this year.

As I have said before, there is no rush. I think the realistic age for our top Juniors to aim for that GM title is around their late 20's. It's a very big body of work and it is just not realistic for Malaysians to try to get there by 15yo given the state of our chess knowledge as well as the chess climate in Malaysia currently. Ref: Here.

Our Juniors have to balance many things and some years they can progress faster and others they have to slow down or even stop tournaments completely. So I hope more of our older Juniors and those just past Junior category will come back to play. You are all very close to the standards of our current IM's. Don't get disheartened by the story above. YOU ARE NOT ALL WASHED OUT. THEY ARE.

Those are lies just to protect their places on the senior squad. Come back to play. We need all of you to contribute back to the pool of knowledge. Iron sharpen iron. Then our GM will come. It's still an Open race.

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