Monday, March 18, 2013

Li Tian, the game changer?

Ref: Here.

Now it is getting clearer why Jimmy was so threatened by the combined training of Zhuo Ren, Sumant and Mark. Why he was so threatened by the training of the Juniors by a GM. Why both Zhuo Ren and Sumant had to be openly attacked till they denied the training at FGM. Why Peter needed to ban Mark at KL Open without grounds.

Why they needed to announce fat numbers and Li Tian as the strongest Junior before the fact. Why they then took Eng Chiam and Syazwan's place at the Olympiads. Why Li Tian was quietly sent to the Zonals while Greg refused Sumant even a chance to play at Asian Juniors this year.

This is my speculation. Maybe they realise that the seniors can't cut it anymore. Ref: Here. So they need a new Champion since after all the seniors are all washed out.

My question now is will there be a selection to spot light their new Champion? Maybe at NJ this year?

I am not so sure. Even with the combined knowledge of Mok, Jimmy and Peter, they were unable to raise him to top 6 at NJ. Despite all that support and sponsorship they still can't do that. They needed to also sabotage all the other Juniors that have a chance to compete with him. So they don't look very confident to me. They may even still be having nightmares remembering that I trained Sumant to beat Mok and draw with Yee Weng for SEA games selection.

So what do you think? A switch in strategy from fat numbers to an actual chess game on the board for Li Tian at least? Do they have the guts? Will it be a selection where FGM will send in their last player, Mark Siew or will they bypass the selection all together? I suppose part of that decision will hinge on Li Tian's performance at HD.

Whichever the case FGM will look forward to a selection and pitch our skills and knowledge against the full might of MCF, Li Tian's sponsors and the top senior players in Malaysia according to Fide rules. Tai chi and nail bending is allowed. That cannot be stopped. That is not in the Fide handbook. Ref: Here.

So see you at National Junior Li Tian, if your handlers have any confidence in you. I have full confidence in my last remaining player playing chess according to Fide rules.

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