Thursday, March 21, 2013

Request to MCF from parents going to Asean in Chiangmai

A few parents have been talking to me about the coming Asean games in Chiangmai in June and I have helped one young player in her preparations to go. A concern was raised about the high prices of the hotel charges for Asean events.

So please allow me to share my experience here as I shared with the parents. At the Asean games that I went to, I booked a room for myself while Mark shared the room with the other players at the official hotel. This was in Subic Bay. I later found out when we went to Subic Bay again for Asian Youth that the hotels in the surrounding area was much cheaper while comparable in standard although Mark still had to stay at the official hotel. I managed to cut my costs to about half of my Asean trip by doing that. I spent around RM10,000 for Asean. Please note that this was with the sponsorship of Air Asia at that time arranged by FGM.

I have heard from some friends at HD that it is not necessary to stay at the official hotel there as conditions imposed by the organisers unlike Asean.

It is hoped that the new MCF with the seasoned negotiating skills of the corporate boys onboard that they may be able to assist in negotiating better terms for the parents under the care of MCF.

Thank you for entertaining this request.

ps: For new parents who may not be aware of this, Asean is now open to all players wanting to participate. You do not need to be top 4 at NAG. The top 4 players are the official players but you can still participate as an independent player. Just apply to the new assistant secretary who I am informed is Greg. All my best.

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