Monday, March 18, 2013

Congratulations Micheal Yeap as new Secretary of MCF.

I just received information that Eng Chiam's father, Michael Yeap is the new Secretary of MCF. I was at Asian Youth with Mr Yeap in 2011 where he was the head of contingent. I must say that he was the only MCF official that was in the tournament hall looking after the players during the entire duration of the tournament. He is a conscientious man who cares for the players. So well done MCF in giving us somebody of quality.

Congratulations again Micheal.


  1. pihak kami nak tgk adakah secretary baru MCf iaitu micheal yeap hanya berperanan sebagai boneka dan tiada kuasa dalam mcf. bagaimana dia nak settlekan aduan colin madhevan dari PERCAWI dan najib wahab dari DATCC mengenai tidak puas mereka terhadap halangan mereka nak jadikan pertandingan mereka fide rated atau national rated. hehehe

  2. I heard Peter is now Ajk. I think MCF will want to keep Peter and Greg under lock and key for a while until things cool down. After all they did lose the AGM if the rules were followed. And I hear even more States are thinking of writing in to COS.