Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This is a good sign.

Ref: Here.

This is always a good sign when you are playing chess. When your opponents start to fume and call you names and is unable to reason anymore, you know you are winning. Jimmy knows his days are numbered. He now actually has to play chess if ever wants to represent Malaysia again. Will he dare to use the 6 places for active "IM's" which I am sure Peter will try his utmost to arrange for, over the authority of the new selection chair, Encik Ghalam Sani from Terengganu? Will Jimmy have the guts to compete again?

I hope this will encourage all the chess players that have been knocked out by his venom in the past to come back to play chess again. Let's leave Jimmy behind in the dustbin of history. Very very few people will now remember what he ever did in the very very distant past.

This will now be his legacy for us. Chess is a double edged sword. We need to look after the mental well being of our players or they can end up like Jimmy and Peter; the living casualty of very badly thought out development plans for our players.

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