Thursday, March 21, 2013

Request to the development chair, MCF.

Dear Dato Sri Santhara

Allow me to first congratulate you for winning the Deputy President's post uncontested in the last AGM and also to welcome you on behalf of the Malaysian chess community into your first public post on the National level. I have also been informed that you now head the development chair and so I hope you will entertain this request from the Malaysian chess community.

This is with regard to the KL Open that you have organised for us in the last few years. Would it be possible that you to include an Open event so that our players are given the opportunity to lock horns with strong overseas players? It would not be necessary to give a Malaysian only prize money. The exposure alone will be sufficient for the development of our players. However it would be good if you can subsidise the entry fees for our fellow Malaysian chess enthusiasts. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

If I may be allowed another request, can you please also ensure that the banning without grounds is discontinued by Peter? For your further information, what Peter does is to request that all participants write in to him by email first before he sends out payment and other details. This is so that he is able to ignore certain emails and respond to others which in fact bans without technically banning. Perhaps you can look into this. In case you are not aware this practice happens only at KL Open and not in any other event in Malaysia.

It will also be good if KLCA also organises a KL Close, KL age group and maybe even a KL Junior event. This will be in aid for the development of KL players.

Thank you for your kind attention. All my best and may your leadership take Malaysian chess to ever greater heights.

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