Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Presidential race- A FGM Commentary Pt. 2

The latest feedback is that Peter has pulled out of the direct race and is now looking for a deal just for entry into MCF after realising that he will have zero support apart from himself. Questions were raised about how his KL Open is faring compared to other tournaments in the region like the upcoming HD tournament in Vietnam and Bangkok Open. Both events are drawing huge crowds while KL Open seems to be getting smaller and smaller with negligible local support. And he wants to take over MCF and make it in his image. Delusional. Peter's old sins are catching up with him and he now realises that nobody supports or wants to deal with him despite all his offerings. So will he succeed in getting a back door deal when anyone associated with him will carry a serious liability? Well we'll know Sunday when it has to all come out.

But what is wrong with that picture? Personally I think it is just wheeling and dealing for posts but without thinking about what is best for Malaysian chess or what they are able to contribute. How about we look at the tasks that needs to be done and then finding the right people for the right posts so that MCF has all the skill sets to take us forward?

So I hope we can do this without anger and with the intention to build and not getting revenge etc. If we are successful then we can leave the failure behind and move forward. Isn't that better? If there are future injustices then at least we will have an MCF that can fairly judge for all within the chess community.

I argued here that we should be lenient to Greg because whatever has been said and done he does have good organising abilities that will be hard to replace. In a company his position will be akin to a COO (Chief Operating Officer). His job will be to run things around the Country according to the Vision of the President and the policies set by the AGM and the committee. So while important his job is NOT at the highest decision making position.

So lets look at the position of the President. I have heard people say that he must be able to bring in money and sponsorship. I disagree. That is a bonus but that is not absolutely necessary. Actually many people can bring in sponsors and that should be encouraged. The problem Malaysian chess faces is that many sponsorships are sabotaged.

So I feel the key factor we need in the President is the ability to direct correct action so that Malaysian chess is a conducive place for investors and players alike. It is my believe that Malaysian Chess has fallen to the terrible low we are in today where we have a 2100 IM attacking anyone and sundry and a 1900 FM looking to take over National Chess is because no rules have been enforceable. MCF just looks away from the abuses and is itself party to a fraudulent selection amongst other accusations levied against it.

Having one of our key tournaments questioned by players as to having had suspect pairings etc and having nothing done is also very damaging to our reputation as a good destination for chess by International players. All these things including a good development program so that real chess players can advance as opposed to back door dealers is crucial to our future success.

And all that conducting is done by the President. He directs what needs attention and what can be ignored. He also directs the Secretary.

That is the key crucial position. As I said I am not partisan. So I suggest that the State delegates debate the issues first before election of officials. Then ask the people who are vying for the position of President how they propose those issues can be solved when they get into power. From there the delegates will be in a better position to see which candidate really cares about developing Malaysian chess and which one wants the position from a deal but have no interest in our development.

A cautionary note. I was talking to the President of a State Association recently and he expressed his interest in developing his State first. I think we need to look at this in another way. A good MCF will do far more to develop the State than anything the State can do by themselves. Look at the current situation. What can you do if the national policy is to get their fingers on the pie? So this has to be stopped at source. In fact I suggest that the States offer their very best people on the MCF committee to support a President that wants to develop Malaysian chess. He cannot do it on his own and he cannot rely on the many deadwood in the current committee. I hear some of them have not even opened their mouth in MCF committee meetings to contribute or otherwise in years. So why stay on?

Please think about this and we can have an AGM where we will emerge with a chess structure which says we are back and we mean business and that truly says Malaysia Boleh.


  1. ' and he cannot rely on the many deadwood in the current committee. ' ........ back to basic..... the present committee is not there if they are not elected by other state delegates.... when they sit it out until the end of their terms.... we can watch la.... do we have the power to sack them ?... he he

  2. The State delegates have the power not to elect them. All has been covered on this blog.