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Orientation P4, Who we are, what we want and how we can get there.

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Dear new MCF,

The chess community believes that you have taken some note of the fact that Encik Zuhri, a relatively new member of our community, would have won the AGM if not for some deft technical maneuvering. That this result represents the huge dissatisfaction with the way things were done before. However as a chess community with deeper insights into the nature of competition we do not begrudge you that win as the better player at the AGM. Encik Zuhri is arguably the parent that has invested the most into his son's development in chess. I also submit that FGM is representative of many of the concerns shared and Championed by him.

We assert that the strategy of the previous administration of sabotaging (with fraudulent selections, suspect games, suspect pairings in tournaments and banning without grounds) strong players in order to promote certain individuals is not developing chess but the converse. Malaysian chess can only be built by increasing internal competition and not by the removal of possible contenders by abusing the authority vested in our Associations.

On the surface it does look that you have taken note of our genuine and legitimate grievances with the new structure with chairs to look into the many areas that were neglected before. I understand this even includes the chair for "technical", discipline and tournaments. It is hoped that with this new oversight, abuses of power will be a thing of the past.

However we continue to concerned about the inclusion, albeit in positions of ostensibly less authority but nevertheless still operational, of certain individuals that have been responsible for those abuses in the past. (We are cognisant of the fact that there is a need for continuity and that it will take some time to  develop new talent).

So if we may, we would like to make a suggestion in the interim. That you also appoint a communications officer with access to the decision makers so that the chess community is able to bring legitimate issues to the committee for resolution should we encounter the same problems as in the past. This will do much to alleviate the current anxieties within the chess community and I trust that will also reduce the role of this blog.

We continue to emphasize that proper selection is the way forward. Allow for that and the tensions will reduce tremendously. Stop the back doors and make everyone fight for their place. Meritocracy. This is sports and politics should not enter this arena. We also submit that Malaysia today does not possess any player that deserves preferential treatment. The past policies have made them weak. All are beatable by strong outside contenders whether they possess titles or not; especially in todays internet world where information and knowledge is freely available.

We would also like you to recognise that many of the victims of all the dirty tricks in the past are not between equals. The large portion of the chess community are not participants in business but children. So they should NOT be treated as instruments of sabotage by "business adversaries". They are vulnerable children that we hope to develop into world beaters eventually; after a suitable period of incubation, training, learning and then correct exposure. So those adults who hide behind children to attack other children under their many guises should be brought into account if and when possible.

We hope that the vast majority of the chess community is recognised as your partners in developing chess and that those few individuals that have subverted chess for far too long is at least contained now.

Thank you for your time.

ps: I have written many analysis on Li Tian and you may like to go back on this blog to see them. Many of us do not think he will go much further for the reasons I have written on before. Please note that he drew with a 1900 at HD. He does not have the weaponry to go for a GM run. Put him in National Junior and see for yourself. I don't think we can be fairer than that.

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