Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another attempt by Jimmy to distort perception.

Ref: Here.

I wonder why Jimmy puts up this game of Li Tian's and then puts up the game that Mark lost on his site. Ref: Here. Why didn't he put up the game where Mark demolished his student at NJ? I also wonder why he has removed the shoutbox on his site?

I have argued many times that the Junior's chess is not complete. Actually they only begin to near completion from around 18yo onwards in Malaysia. But that is also the time some people try to kill them off so that they can never become a threat to the senior team. So that is our problem today. See my evaluation tomorrow.

So Jimmy, why not put down Li Tian's last game in the 9th round or that draw with the 1900? Games to download here. Why not do a comprehensive evaluation so that we can learn from past mistakes and then find the correct way to set out afresh with the new committee?

These distortions of perception does not do justice to the intelligence of the majority of the chess community. Isn't that why you delinked your shout box? Are they saying things you cannot bear to hear Jimmy?

So lets try a more balanced evaluation shall we tomorrow? I will write and you can comment on your site ok?

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