Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MCF's AGM, it's not over- A FGM commentary.

It's not over. As news trickle out of what took place at the AGM it looks like the fight is very much still on. Yesterday a top organiser in Malaysia Fadli, made a police and MACC report which he announced on facebook. I am also informed that a few States will be following suit with reports to Ministry of Sports and COS. So what happened?

Let us look at a very basic principle we can learn from every chess tournament if we want to. Every true chess player will accept the result on the board if the game was won according to the rules. And this is chess. I believe this turn of events mark a new dawn for Malaysian chess. Malaysian chess is saying that it is no longer acceptable to win by thuggery and PR campaigns.

From what I have been informed, it seems that the old Main committee from ROS days, got their votes. Ref: Here. When there were objections from the floor they were shouted down and reason went out of the window. So the issues never got an airing and the affected parties are now calling for the arbiter.

A new issue has also been brought up. Ref: Here. The Presidency can only go to the party who commands the respect of the majority of the affiliates or there will be permanent unrest. So not only did the incumbent not have the majority as we witnessed the tie from the first count of 20/20. A tie created by extra illegal votes as well as the swing of KLCA to the incumbent for a deal.

Read this on the second paragraph. Here. News is spreading that the incumbent is to step down after 6 months and hand over to his deputy according to the deal.

Now does it make sense that a President that does not have the support of the majority of the States now hand over the reign to his deputy who only commands one State vote? And Peter proudly announced that on his blog. So dumb. And he wants to be our new Secretary. 

In fact my feedback is that the one greatest fear for Malaysian chess which has unanimous support (apart from Jimmy and his handful of match fixing friends) is that Peter must never get into MCF or Malaysian chess will be dead. So this deal will erode further the little support from the few States that the incumbent President currently enjoys. It looks like they may have been duped into opening the door for Peter.

And so the opportunity for us to move forward in strength is now going into a complicated middle game with unclear positions. But I give odds to Zuhri's majority camp in this fight back. After all his son is a KL Chess Champion and we can expect no less from his son's Sifu.

In a very short space of time Malaysian chess has seen two firsts. The first direct fight for the Presidency and also the first report to the police, MACC, Ministry of Sports and COS. Is this a good thing? As far as I can see the rules are being followed by Zuhri's camp. He fought in a sporting and gentlemanly manner and they tore up the rule book and brought in the thugs. So personally I think it's a good thing not to accept that result and to call in the arbiters.

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