Saturday, March 16, 2013

FGM comments on Peter's post.

Ref: Here.

Dear Peter,

Your interpretation of why you are only invited as a lowly match arbiter by ACF is interesting. That means a floor arbiter right? You assume that there is a back door and that only speaks of your own paradigm. May I present you with another possible interpretation?

I wonder if you have noted that its part of a martial arts event in Korea. Is it possible that the organisers are looking for people with fighting spirit to reflect positively on their event? So maybe they are telling you that they have little respect for you. Have you ever considered that it may be about who you are rather than the back doors? Maybe they don't respect back door artists and people who bans without grounds. Maybe they just don't trust you to do a good job.

Even here within the Malaysian chess community we are confused as to who actually trained Li Tian. Did you play a part or are you just riding on his parade? Can I make a suggestion here? Why don't you focus on bringing up KLCA and show us what you can do at the State level first before you aspire for National posts?

And if people can see that you can do a good job without banning players stronger than the ones you can produce maybe they will give you a shot at National and then International exposure. You think?

As a trainer why don't you focus on Roshan? Develop your own players instead of borrowing from the work of others. We look forward to meeting your players as well as Li Tian at National Junior. If your player/s win that may help to lift up your image a little as a trainer.

And if you still want to be known as a strong chess player, may I suggest National Close? Come and dazzle us with your chess knowledge Peter. Don't do a Jimmy. Nobody believes in him anymore. We will also come along to keep you guys company and hope that you may teach us a thing or two on chess. Do try to bring Jimmy along too if he is not too nervous.

Push for National Close and National Juniors to publish the bulletins as well as the cross tables so the whole world can see your accomplishments. You can do your tai chi demonstration or nail bending demonstration or both if you feel the need. Ref: Here. But win is on the board by Fide rules. Agreed?

I think that will do a lot more for you and Jimmy to regain some respect here and within the International Chess community as well. You see Peter, we are very worried that you may embarrass us the way you are going about things now and so we certainly don't want you anywhere near MCF. Do it on the outside first. Show us your fighting spirit on the chess board in Malaysia first. Bring up KLCA first. Bring up your own players first. We suspect you are all mouth and no knowledge. We suspect you and Jimmy are very scared of competition. And chess is about competition is it not? Prove us wrong. I have shown you how it can be done if you accept my suggestions. So see you guys there ok?

Thank you for your time Peter. Have a good day.

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