Friday, March 22, 2013

Orientation P3, the communication channels.

First part. Here.

Part 2. Here.

Communication. This is a huge topic and I am not even very sure how to start. But lets say communication starts from a mindset, preferably a winning mindset. Whether we take a partnering or an adversarial mindset in order to win. Whether we think of the development of our GM as a mere technical exercise or the development of the commander in chief. So all these factors will colour how we will communicate.

Let me state here that it is my belief that the GM will come from the development of the commander in chief. As a comparison we may perhaps look at our very own educational system and ask ourselves this question. Are we developing thinkers or are we developing robots? We may also ask this question of why, huge Malaysian projects have very often used foreign consultants who on paper at least are of a lower academic achievement than the Malaysians that work under them. So many examples to show that developing the winning mindset is much more important than mere technical knowledge.

We can see the failed Malaysian experiment of getting our own GM from the fear bound thinking of the previous leaderships, no matter how much money that had been put in. Mental Strength. That is what the GM run is all about. And we are exposing our kids to too much stress without the know how, just because a neighbouring Country can do it. But we don't have the know how or the culture. And MCF continues to rely on the input of technical people who are afraid of competition. People who comes up with a myriad of ways to avoid selection and to knock out possible contenders thus weakening us but still not providing a solution.

I have very serious doubts that their Li Tian campaign will work. Lets test him out here in a proper selection and see for ourselves. With the exposure that he has had, taken away from the stronger juniors at that time, he should just blow the juniors at NJ this year right out of the water, without blinking an eye right? This formula has been tried many times in the past without success. Will it work this time? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

Please read this again. Here.  All the skills I have mentioned in that article is more highly developed in the corporate arena than in Malaysian chess today. And those are the skills we will also need in chess to grow. So the right corporate partners can propel Malaysian chess to ever greater heights.

But there is a huge divide between the current chess environment and the corporate boys. The question before us is if we can make this marriage work or will it end up in acrimony and filling for divorce. I have been studying the new structure in MCF according to the information I have received. There are serious defects. And I am trying to see if there are solutions. It is also too early to say if they have come in to build up chess or to raise their status and for their own egos. But there is now a very rich mix of knowledge and I believe the ingredients are there for us to make a powerful cake.

But to do that we need a clear understanding of who we are in chess today and where we want to go. We then need to see ourselves vis a vis the corporate boys. Who they are and where do they want to take us. Lets look at it a little deeper in the next part of this series.

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