Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Congratulations Li Tian for beating GM Nyugen Ngoc

Results here.

Very well done indeed.

I hope that his adult handlers can learn from this. There is no need for the back doors or taking the places of others via a fraudulent selection if you are any good. You need to have confidence in your own players and let them win in the proper manner. Hopefully he is still too young to realise what his adult handlers have exposed him to and won't be damaged by the backlash from the chess community. Do it the proper way and all of Malaysia will celebrate his success.

I hope that the new MCF committee will also stop Jimmy's game of riding on Li Tian's coat tail into future representation for Malaysia like he did in the last Olympiad and played at the level of a 2100. Jimmy did not qualify under rating criteria and bypassed the top players in the Country. Jimmy has to learn to grow up and win his own tournaments to play for Malaysia.

I also hope that the awareness is raised that all the top Juniors must be given equal opportunity to play at the Zonals or play at Asian Juniors, Olympiad, SEA games etc according to proper published criteria. Perhaps a sponsorship program of the nature mentioned in bold can also be considered. Here.

So a big congratulations again Li Tian.

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