Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday noon musings

Feeling a little tired today. Have been running around for the past few weeks trying to set the academy up as well as putting a tournament together. Yes you heard right, the academy has been formed, that is the easy part. Now have to make sure that the syllabus is properly thought through, talking to my partners. Some think that calling it an academy is over reaching as we are starting smallish and some think its a statement of our aspirations... I believe in consensus building so these discussions are necessary. Better to talk more now than all pulling in different directions when we launch.

Anyway this morning I had a telephone conversation with a sponsor and explaining our philosophy. Have you ever met people, you feel have somehow lost their spark? Or someone who is very negative and whining all the time? Somehow they have lost the big picture and now seem stuck. They focus more on tearing down than building. My belief is that these people will never be a GM nor can they help to build one. So it's important to protect the culture. To make sure that our boys and girls never lose that spark, that they always believe that they can do it, to reach for their dreams and achieve it, whether it is to become GM or any other ambition. So I focus alot on that and I tell all my partners, sponsors and possible sponsors that this is what I want to achieve. The rest will be up to the players. They do the actual fighting on the board. But I will try my best to see that they have what they need to succeed.

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