Wednesday, January 6, 2010

National rated tournament in Perak- 21st Feb

Finally a tournament in Perak. I hope our Perak chess Association will also come up with some good tournaments for this year. When I was in the committee, one of the first thing I did was to organise a joint venture of MCF, PICA and Unit Sukan to train over 20 arbiters in Swiss manager thus enabling the first National rated event in Perak. So PICA, use those people. I hear everyone of you saying that you are in the Association for the love of chess. Put your words into action. The arbiters are now trained. Why havent they been used? Lets see some good tournaments in Perak this year. You now cant say you dont have trained arbiters. Remember your stated mission: Bringing Perak back to the National Level.

Source: Marcus Yeoh

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