Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Message from Dato Tan Chin Nam

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I believe this is an important event and I will try to attend if possible. But if I may offer a suggestion to the organisers, it would be this. Have a clear agenda, ensure that the people with the authority to make a difference attend, have the meeting minuted and if possible, form a small committee to ensure that there is follow up and implementation. I feel certain all stakeholders will make a serious effort to attend a meeting of this nature. I will certainly reschedule my appointments and drive down from Ipoh.


  1. For "check and balance", a group of people need to be identified to ensure actions are taken and ideas and proposals implemented. Yes! I strongly agreed for the meeting to be minuted and publish for open view. (publicly)

  2. This is really quite unbelieavable!! It is a golden opportunity for you and for those who seriously want to seek improve Malaysian chess to come up with something fruitful for Dato's attention so that the young chess talents in Malaysia can benefit from it.

  3. Hi Cheng Ai,

    That is my fervent wish too. Dato certainly has the stature to make a difference and bring Malaysian chess together. I also wonder if Dato should call for the meet in his capacity as honorary life President of MCF rather than as promoter of Datcc. And if he can ensure that the top officials of MCF, who currently hold the reins, are present, this may be the meeting of the year. The minutes etc. will reflect the will behind this call for meeting.