Friday, January 15, 2010



Was just chatting on google with our famous blogger who I wont mention here except to say he is one gila fella. Asked him why he thinks there are so few comments. He told me that many like him has run out of fuel. Which got me thinking again... We need success to fuel us. The other fuel of course is money. Which is why it is absolutely essential we find the right strategy and form the right partnerships. I recall a conversation with Dato Tan a little while back. He told me that we needed to come together. He said he would support me if I could find a way to work with PICA. I told him I had given it my best shot. (More stories later in my series to come). But I feel that after sufficient time has been given and you sense no sincerity in the collaboration, in fact maybe even the opposite, then you have to move on and find better partnerships. Spinning your wheels for too long will cause you to run out of fuel. Traction comes from correct strategy and partnerships and then correct action.

Just my after dinner and before coffee musings.

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