Friday, January 29, 2010

Latest news from MCF

I like the new wind of change in MCF and chess. I am seeing more information now than even when I was in PICA. With information we are able to coordinate our efforts. This augurs well for Malaysian chess. Keep this up and the GM will come.

Check out what Shamsuddin has found out here.


  1. More accurately the information real source is

    It is better to link directly to the original source rather that another blog that just quoted the source. It's a disservice when the original author is not credited.

  2. My apologies to Hairulov. No disrespect for his work is intended. I have tried to join his site as a follower again. Maybe this time it'll work. Thank you for highlighting this to me.

  3. I have checked my dashboard and Hairulov's site is there but somehow I cannot get the feed eventhough the URL is correct. Any suggestions?

  4. I am not as tech savvy as you are and as such do not understand what dashboard you are using or referring to.

    If you go directly to the website using an ordinary internet explorer you can see the original postings.

  5. Thank you again anonymous. Perhaps some other readers may have a solution. If you do please drop me a line.

  6. I can't understand why it's so hard to credit the source of the content which is Mr Hairul. Do you have trouble with his blog? It also baffles me you have to go into a tangent talking about some "dashboard".

    Saying sorry in the comments section and leaving the main article unchanged without proper credits is just rude.