Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Message to Dato Tan

Dear Dato

In the event I cannot attend the meeting, kindly allow me to share a few words here...

Anytime more than one gather to promote an idea, it is important that they share the same principles and values. Otherwise the collaboration does not last.

I believe if we all come together with the values of honesty, integrity, fair play and justice, the principles of transparency, responsibility and accountability, chess will grow in leaps and bounds in Malaysia and we will produce our first GM. For these values and principles promote trust and partnership. And in the spirit of partnership, a solution will be found.

On the other hand, if we come together without those values and principles, the net result is the practice of Sun Tsu Art of War, the romance of the 3 kingdoms and the fractionalisation of the chess community. And maybe no GM. Could this be why the result of 40 years is the continuous loss of talent and creative energy?

For chess to grow, decisions need to be made without fear or favour. That is why I believe MCF is the best vehicle for this meeting, if you are able to call it in your capacity as honorary life President. MCF is promulgated as a non profit chess body to serve the chess community. While I am supportive of the efforts of Datcc and indeed I see Hamid doing a lot of good things recently, a for profit organisation may not be the best vehicle for this message. Thank you for your time.

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