Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is Chess about life?

Chess teaches competition and healthy competition is life building.

But here is a game that teaches another aspect of life... The game of bridge. Bridge is a partnership game and arguably as complex as chess. Dato Tan's daughter plays it. And it's the game I love, although I stopped a few years back. If I ever find some extra time, it will be the one I would love to master. The chinese chess players are also taught bridge as it teaches other aspects of mental sport.

In bridge we learn to compete as a partnership, we learn to understand each other. Imagine this... when we compete (the sabotaging type) with our own team, our own partners, our own players, coaches, trainers, etc. What happens?

Partnership is a game of building trust. I arranged for Yeoh Li Tian & Li Yuen, Sumant, Mark and Amier Hamzah to learn how to play bridge from a top coach in Malaysia. Amier couldn't make it and I understand only the Yeohs are still playing.

In life, we need to be clear. Are we partnering or are we competing? When do we partner, on what terms and when do we compete? I think we are not very clear in chess, hence the confusion. I am more than willing to help out chess players who want to play on a high level to have some bridge training. Please write to me.

Check out the Malaysian Bridge Association here.

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