Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KL rapid

Wow, another big tournament. Just saw it. This is a format I've never seen before. But one thing I know. If you come through this you'll be so mentally tough. Source: Hairulov

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5 Minutes Lamentation

I try to allow myself 5 mins to lament if something troubles me before I kick my own butt to move on. So allow me this time here.

Perak. Wake up! During my time in the Perak chess Association, I've heard committee members talk about getting a Perak GM, like it's the easiest thing in the world to do. They talk about certifying coaches in Perak. Funny thing to me.... there are no qualified coaches in Perak (bar Zaki Yeop who is an experienced coach for junior players and who will, in my opinion, resist certification by people who have no idea what coaching is). On top of this I have never seen a single committee member in a tournament out of Perak. (I tried urging them to go to Penang, Selangor, KL to see what is happening). They were also a no show at MCF's AGM. So lets be honest, dont talk about things you have no intention of following through. Just say, we want Perak to remain where it is while we still stay in the committee and make big proclamations. Who knows, if you say this, at least we can say they speak sincerely and that will be one point in your favour during the AGM. And you will all get re-elected again. Perak Boleh!

Thank you for the 5 minutes. I feel better now.

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