Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get your Fide rating

A very important aspect of tournament chess is to get yourself rated. To know where you are in the Country, MCF does a National Rating. This enables the player to chart his progress vis-a-vis other players in the Country. For those that aspire further or no longer in school, there is FIDE rating which is Internationally recognised. Now one of the better looking chessman, Hamid, International Arbiter and all round sportsman has come up with this event. It's called the Datcc weekender. This will be his second event and we were there for his first. This event will start on the 26th Jan weekend and 1st Feb. weekend.

Here I want to urge all our strong Perak players to attend. We need to get you guys back in the fray. Now I only see Fadzil, Mark and old faithful Zaki Yeop carrying the Perak flag. So Perak players, dont miss this opportunity. And this appeal also goes out to the Limau Bali Lions. Go and get your FIDE rating. I have confidence you will do well.

Please check out the Datcc blog for details.

For those of you who feel that you are not quite ready, look out for Jax Tham's First Saturday tournaments on the first sat. of every month. Pls note: Jax also provides free accommodation for outstation players. (password is Raymond Siew :))

Practice there till you feel ready for FIDE rated tournaments. Same time controls. Call Jax for more details 013-323 2280 or email him at

Lets make 2010 a chess year.

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