Saturday, January 2, 2010

The need for cross tables to be published

I brought Mark to play some friendly chess at Limau Bali yesterday. There were alot of murmurings about the recently finished Perak Close which is an important event to determine the Perak Champion and flag bearer. Apart from the fact that it was only 8 rounds with 45mins time control when most important tournaments are 9 rounds and 90mins+30sec increment, no tie break was announced. I was also told that there were a few players with the same points. Normally in a championship tournament, the champion will be decided by a play off. To add further injury no cross table has been published. (The cross table together with the tie break allows for the results of the tournament to be checked). This is the common practice everywhere I go. Then there can be no dispute who the real champion is.

Over the years there have been some controversy about the results coming from Perak. From personal experience, I can recount this incident. Mark was playing at a tournament at Cosmopoint a few years back. In a 7 round event, he won his first 6 rounds and lost his 7th. He came in 5th. Just outside of the prize category. I didnt know about cross tables then but I have asked many experienced tournament organisers since and they have categorically said that the result was not possible.

And this is not an isolated incident. Surely the Perak chess Association does not want its results mired in such controversy. Can our State champion stand with his head tall in the midst of this? One clear way out is for the cross tables to be published.

Then there can be no dispute. I invite the Perak chess Association to give an explantion here or post the cross tables for all to see. Let 2010 see a new chess culture in Perak.

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