Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jax's new blog

I have always viewed Jax as an example of the difference one dedicated man can make. He is a one man show and he has come up with some amazing innovations. There is his first saturday, which allows players to practice FIDE and National type tournaments with correct time controls. Players need to be familiar with this time control to do well in big tournaments. Then came his innovative 10,20,30 tournaments. This means 10 rounds (plenty of practice), 20 minutes (get past the opening and middle game stage) to the meat. ie the 30 sec. increment. During Datmo I saw an amazing display of mastery of the 30secs by a WGM. In the game she played with Mark she took out an hour to work out Mark's Lowenthal. She could do that because once she worked it out she knew she had enough time to finish the game as demonstrated in another game. She successfully used the 30secs in an end game struggle without any signs of rush. She played for over an hour on just the 30sec increment. An amazing display of virtuoso.

So if you want to play like that, Jax's tournaments is a good place to learn those skills. Check out his blog for tournament dates - Excel Chess

All my best Jax and keep this up. We need good ideas for us to find that GM.


  1. My Ray,

    I am with you regarding Jax Tham. A DO-kind of man. Not just TALK-kind. I am planning to write a special entry / post about him.

    Hey .. you know .. i don't have much time .. to just do everything esp only about chess and blogging. I also needs moment for ideas to come hehe :)-




  2. My friend, tell me. At least running this blog is less stressful than being webmaster for PICA. Here I dont have to spend my own money running up and down Perak and Malaysia to cover Perak players and taking photos while the committee sits to impose more and more conditions. That is someone elses responsibility now. So thank you for encouraging me to keep blogging. Now that I am out of the committee as well, I have the freedom to tell it as it is. And I am enjoying this new sense of freedom. :)