Sunday, January 3, 2010

National Rated Event

Hi guys

Just got an sms from Azaha. Forgot to mention his event. :) Sorry lah. Many things the happening. New school term etc. etc.

But this is an important event. It is National rated. When you get a high enough National rating, you'll also get a good position in your first round pairing. This precludes you having to meet the strong players on the first round. An important tournament stategy. And this year we have the NAG, and maybe even the new MCF National Scholastic (to replace MSSM). So try to get there. It's on Jan. 24th.

Click here for more info

My best wishes for your event, Azaha. May many Ikan Bakar be won. Hopefully someone from Perak will get one of the Ikan. Over and out.

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