Friday, January 15, 2010

First GM policy for postings

My fellow chess family,

There have been numerous requests for me to post your tournaments here. So I believe a clearer picture of what First GM is all about, can avert some misunderstandings. My intention for starting this blog, is to encourage opinions and thoughts leading to our first GM. (So its important that readers wont miss the woods for the trees with too many postings). I will write and promote any good ideas in that direction here. In a nutshell I will also promote National & Fide rated events as much as time allows. I have posted all the sites that will give information about all types of chess events in Malaysia on the right hand side. Readers are encouraged to go there to find tournaments not mentioned here. And lastly I will also give information about what is happening in Perak bacause we have a tremendously large pool of talent that, in my opinion, have been ill served. It is also my belief that Perak is a sleeping giant that when awakened will greatly add to the healthy competition that will produce our first GM.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope for your continued support.

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