Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday morning musing

I was at a seminar many years back. And I happened to glance over my shoulder at something a young girl was writing in her notes. The note said, "I have to change. But what to change? How to change?" Today I will tell her, learn to play chess. Come to my chess school. You'll see that if you are properly trained, you will learn to observe your thoughts as you play chess. The thoughts you have before each move. And so you'll have endless practice to change. You'll learn to observe that if you are negative, you won't see the evidence before you, you won't see the possibilities. And you will also learn that when you are euphoric, the same thing will happen. To see with clarity you will need to stay calm.

Then you will see that pressure will increase your fears and anxieties. And this will be caused by the clock. Nothing more. Then you will continue to practice using your knowledge in ever increasing pressure. You'll learn about thinking.

Change is one of the hardest thing to accomplish in life. Our propensity is to return to sloth, our propensity is to take the easy way out. But chess will show you... everytime you do that, you lose. Then hopefully you'll take those lessons and apply it to your life.

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