Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My suggestions to the meeting with Dato Tan

Get our house in order. First lets have sponsorship to our National Players open and above board. Sponsorship should be based on proven and tested ability and not by race, religion or creed. And it must clearly be seen to be so. Make chess truly inclusive and let this be OUR 1Malaysia project.

So I suggest that all sponsorship be directed to MCF for correct and fair disbursement. And MCF, the money spent must be transparent and for the benefit of the players first and not the officials.

Ensure that our players have the same support system as those of other Countries in International competitions.

And lastly, ensure that MCF officials are open and above board. And this includes your affiliates. No matter how much marketing we do these officials bring a bad name to chess and efforts must be made to discipline or remove them. These bad practices have been swept under the carpet for too long and this has lead to a loss in confidence in your ability to get it right. Get this done and you will find fresh energy coming in and the first Malaysian GM will come.

Thank you for your time.

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