Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And the "Secretaries" are off the running block and full into the race.

Ref: Here.

The last mile and a lot can change in the race according to the strategy applied and the mettle of the people fighting in the race and the mettle of the people being convinced on which side to take. To help clarify matters let me categorically say that FGM is not in the race. I am not going for a post nor will I accept any if offered. What I am trying to do here is to give all stakeholders as much information as possible to make informed decisions and choices.

So let us take a closer look at this chess game and what the issues are on the chessboard. I think we can all agree that they will all say that they want to improve chess in Malaysia.

And so I have brought up issues like fraudulent selection, banning without grounds, attacking of the Juniors on certain blogs, the rights of the States, the big question of where the money is going to within MCF etc. etc.

Now let us clearly understand this concept first. The coming AGM will be the first AGM under COS. And in law there is this concept called precedence. That means that once certain practices are accepted then this becomes the norm. And once this is established then it becomes more difficult to challenge in subsequent AGMs.

So questions like if resolutions are allowed, whether it is the committee electing the committee or the States electing the committee are important questions to ask in this very first game of COS AGM chess.

I wish I was a fly on the wall and can listen in on the conversations. On the surface it does look like Greg is playing a good game by meeting the "people". Of course what we would like to know is if Greg is offering to look into the issues and addressing some of them at least so that we will have a better future for Malaysian chess. I hope he is explaining to Terengganu how he hopes to develop the Juniors so that we have a strong team that can eventually take over the senior team. Hopefully before Jimmy retires from old age. So many substantive issues to discuss. So many ways we can do things better.

So I hope he has a plan. Maybe he is also explaining the mechanics better to Terengganu on how they can impact on Federation policies and how they can put in proper questions to ask about the accounts etc.

But on the surface I must give him points for effort. We will discuss more on the issues as we approach the AGM. But let us now quickly look at the other Secretary's run.

Ref: Here.

Yes Peter is also in the race. Besides his post above he is telling us about the issues he stands for on Jimmy's blog. Here. So we have Greg and his campaign where we do not know what is being discussed and Peter who is also campaigning on Jimmy's blog by calling people idiots. By saying that Fide rating is the way at one moment when he wants to promote his product by naming the strongest Junior and then saying that Fide rating is not the way when he has another agenda.

All I can tell from his PR campaign is that we just have to listen to him and Jimmy and not use our own thinking at all. Then he goes around saying he wants to ban this and ban that. Ref: Here. So I don't know. I am not too convinced.

You see, if I were him and he really wants a chance to stand for Secretary so he can sell his real products, I would not have done it like this. But what do I know right?

Maybe he is just using his 3 votes to get a deal and not worried about who he offends that do not have a vote. But I wonder if there is anybody in Malaysian chess that will fall for his U12 opening tricks. Any way he is in the game and we are mere spectators. So he and Jimmy must have a deeper plan. Besides he plays powerful chess and he keeps telling all the rest of us how stupid we are. So lets just sit and enjoy watching the masters at play.

Imagine bringing in IM Goh to pitch for their credibility. Hey, don't they realise that some players here may think that it's a Singapore plot to take revenge after their humiliating defeat on Jan 1, 2011 on their home ground? After that no more Mal/Sing. But their chances may improve dramatically if they can get Jimmy, Peter and Li Tian to play right? Directly after knocking out and demoralising all the really strong Malaysian chess players. Maybe? A very dangerous PR exercise at best. It could backfire kan?

So that is very briefly Peter, his campaign manager Jimmy, for his run. I think he didn't make it off the block.

As far as I can see now, our hopes for Malaysian chess to grow, must now lie with Greg and his silent plans and the other player who has not revealed himself publicly yet. Lets us hope that one or the other can come up with something to stop the rot. I hope that maybe they can even cooperate for the sake of our players. Work together, for our real chess players deserve the best.

But we do need action on the real issues and not just window dressing. Bring in the States, there is a lot of untapped potential there. Don't cut them out of the decision making process. As far as the Constitution says, they are the boss. But not after this coming AGM if the committee elects the committee. Then in one stroke they will all become eunuchs. Pardon my french.

All my best to Malaysian chess in the coming AGM. May the best player win. But the big question then of course is if you are playing for Malaysia or only for yourself and your small and loyal band of cronies.

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