Thursday, February 21, 2013

FGM humbly requests the following strong chess players to play chess.

I can now see clearly the error of my ways. I now understand why we need Jimmy and Peter to tell us who is strong and who is weak. I now realise that I cannot think for myself for my brain has atrophied from lack of use for too many years. So I deeply apologise to you Jimmy and to you also Peter. I now realise that without the 2 of you Malaysian chess cannot progress. Even 13 yo IM Goh, the coming GM, has come out to chastise me. Thank you guys for showing me the right path. You must really care for me to take out so much time.

You are right. You were right to attack the training by GM Ziaur Rahman for the Juniors. He was a foreign plant used by FGM to destroy Malaysian chess. I can now see my error. Malaysia needs real chess Champions like you guys to show us the way. I will now ask Mark to even forget what he has been taught by the Ukrainian IM chess trainer who coached the Ukrainian Youth Team. Please forgive my ignorance, I do not play chess. We will now all sit by your knee and listen diligently to the pearls of wisdom that fall from your lips.

I see now why you needed to ban Mark from KL Open, attack Zhuo Ren and Sumant. I was leading them astray when I asked them to train and to fight their best for the SEA games selection. Ref: Here. I humbly apologise again. Please forgive my ignorance. I do not play chess.

I know you will forgive me because all of you prize humility. So I am relieved that I am dealing with you guys and not gangsters. But can you help me out here if I humbly tell you my confusion?

Jimmy, we were there at the 11 rounds rapid at Malaysian Open and you did worse than Mark. Then we saw you play at the Olympiads where you were about the same standard as Li Tian. So in my confusion I thought that maybe Mok could be a stronger authority on chess. I would have in error also consulted with Zhuo Ren because he played powerful chess there or even Yee Weng. You see my problem? For you to say that we must all shut up and only listen to you, you must play very very powerful chess indeed to be able to tell us that even the training by a fighting GM is lousy.

So please help us out here Jimmy. All of Malaysia is now lost because we don't know who to believe anymore. I know you are only keeping your chess skills secret like a true kung fu master. But we are all suffering a crisis in confidence. So can I humbly ask that humble Jimmy please show us why we are all wrong at the coming National Close? I am confident that you don't even need prequalification and will play in the main field because you are a Ferrari. Mark will also be there and I hope you won't be offended by the sight of a small kancil next to your august presence.

I am sure that by allowing us weak, unable to think for ourselves Malaysians, see how a Ferrari actually runs, we can all sigh with relief that we have you to guide us.

Peter, you go around telling us who is strong and who is weak like you are the next God besides Jimmy. I apologise I did not see your radiance because you stood too close to Jimmy. You see I was a little taken aback by the fact you did not even see Roshan when you were tauting for Li Tian as strongest Junior. And then Roshan bungkus Li Tian, Eng Chiam bungkus Li Tian. So please forgive me for coming to the wrong conclusions. I do not play chess.

Then you proudly announced that you are Roshan's coach for World Youth. And you did warn us that he will only come in around 50 plus. I felt sure that it was only a ploy on your part because you are very humble too. Just like Jimmy and Chin Seng. So I mistakenly thought that you will pull a spectacular stunt and bring Roshan to great heights being the master that you are. So I was a little disappointed when you talked about players rooms and sightseeing and Roshan came in 70 plus. Please forgive me, I do not play chess.

How else can you explain my blindness to your chess prowess? I didn't even know with your kind of clarity that Sumant can beat Mok and draw with Yee Weng at SEA games selection. All I said was train hard, prepare well, apply the correct strategy and fight your best etc etc. So forgive my ignorance, I do not play chess.

And then we saw your player at NJ after a year away from chess. Wow, Peter's student. Must be strong. Jimmy's student; must be super strong. Maybe we should pull out. But my stupid FGM philosophy is that we still fight it out and test how strong they really are with such masters helping them. Maybe we might even learn something. But both of them didn't prove to be that strong and lost. Lucky thing we didn't pull out from fright yes?

Then I remembered that you have not even played a proper tournament in years. You see my confusion? I want to shut down this blog and come and enrol Mark in your for sure can be GM University with crystal ball vision. You must play very powerful chess indeed to make all these predictions but you are too humble to show us your prowess. So I hope you can see why I still have some very very minor reservations. I hear what you say and you must be right. All our Juniors are hopeless except for Li Tian. And we must believe you because you are a master. Another Ferrari. Maybe only a slightly smaller model than Jimmy's.

Come and play chess Peter. Show us why you can call us stupid at the National Close. Show us why you are right in banning Mark without grounds. I know you can see far Peter because you are a chess master. So help us to end our confusion. We need you to lead us into glory as the new coming Secretary of MCF if your deep plan works.

FGM also humbly requests humble Chin Seng to allow Li Tian to play at National Junior this year.

Dear humble Chin Seng, I know that Nabil, Syakir, Sumant, Eng Chiam, Roshan, Jian Wen, Mark etc are all weak Juniors. We are all very lucky that you are such a humble person. So I know that you will hear our very humble requests for Li Tian to come and teach them all how to play chess at NJ. I am only sorry that they are so weak that at best it will only be a very light warm up for Li Tian before he goes out to beat super GM's. I apologise again for their weakness and the inconvenience it must cost you to play in such a weak field. But as a humble Malaysian who loves his Country, I am sure you won't mind. After all Li Tian has benefited from the Country's sponsorship. So no big deal to play a little chess with his much weaker Junior fellow Malaysians and give a little back right?

Thank you in advance in heeding my humble request, humble Chin Seng.

All my best to Malaysian chess. May the best player win in the AGM. And with Jimmy, Peter guiding us and the soon coming GM, Li Tian, we can all rest easy now. No need to do any more work.

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