Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Humility Chinseng Style.

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Maybe this will be the latest dance craze. Who knows?

But I am a little confused here Chin Seng. I always thought that humility is when someone refuses acknowledgement or reward for some good work that they have done. So how does it work? I would have thought humility would mean that you would refuse taking the slot to the Olympiad saying, "Li Tian does not deserve the place. It belongs to Eng Chiam and Syazwan. I don't know how Li Tian even got number 4 after 3 losses but then who knows how results are gotten by arbiters".

Before your comments I would have wrongly thought that it was in fact extreme arrogance and selfishness to take from someone something that does not belong to you or deserve. But I must be mistaken. After all I don't "play chess". So this is the new dance, humility chinseng style.

So help me out here. You see for me I do not take anything I or my son did not earn or deserve. And so I will support the arbiter that rules correctly and fairly even if it is against my own son. But I will also acknowledge any achievement he has accomplished. So if he achieved number 2, I will acknowledge that. But I will never take even one crumb more although I have taken less. Does that make me proud? Or does that make me a fool?

I am so confused about this humility thing now that you have used that word so many times. I too want my son to be a strong player and also be humble. So how do I do it Chin Seng? Show me the dance steps. My confusion lies here. If I tell him to accept all the rubbish that Jimmy, Peter and you are saying, then I will be worried that he will grow up to be a door mat in a tough world. That others will now be able to take anything away from him as they want in the future since I have taught him that it is ok to allow them to do so.

So how to be humble and a strong player? See my problem? Is it left leg first and right hand over left or the other way around.

You speak like an expert on the topic. You even look and sound humble in person. So please tell us all here Chin Seng. I think all Malaysian parents want their children to be strong players too and still be humble. Please tell us the secret and we will all join you in the dance. Is that humble enough for you?

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