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What did we learn from these tournaments?

Ref: Here.

I think the most revealing incidences revolved around the SEA games 2011 training at my home. Very briefly, Zhuo Ren and Sumant attended the training. With Zhuo Ren that was his first time with us and he was still doubtful of what I was offering and he was very quickly forced to write a public email attacking me. The reasons he did so, as was later reported back to me, is that he was offered a deal to go to SEA games outside of selection. That didn't happen as there was too much publicity around the event but he was subsequently given a place to the Olympiads.

As for Sumant, he won his place by beating Mok and then getting a draw with Yee Weng from a slightly winning position.

Now this is a historic event in many ways. The first thing being that a Junior won his place on the senior squad that was not given to him but earned through knowledge and skill and fighting in a tough tournament with the application of correct strategy. To me this resoundingly shows that the top Juniors are but a very short step to replacing some of the seniors. It was also historic to see, at least for me, the unprecedented public attack on Sumant after his win till he too finally recanted and denied that he learnt anything from the FGM training after stoically defending me and training with us for over 2 years.

Well and good. Was I angry about it? Yes, initially. But when I thought further about it, how can it be the Junior's fault? What kind of pressure were they under? And I realised that it is the adults who needs to do something about this. How can it be the Junior's fault when this is the culture that we have created for them. And with the collusion of certain officials too. So what chance do they really have against such onslaught?

Why did Jimmy and friends orchestrate such an attack? He didn't even allow a training by a GM for the Juniors going to Asean in 2010. So what is the real game?

Lets go back to the Olympiads to see if we can get more clues. Who did well there? Yes, Mok and Zhuo Ren. Yee Weng did ok but Jimmy and Li Tian both bombed big time. Please note Zhuo Ren again proving my point that the top Juniors are very close if there is a selection and if they are confident and we do not allow them to be intimidated the way they have been.

But then suddenly we are told that there is a young boy that is stronger than all the other Juniors. But when we look at his real knowledge and skills, we find that he is very very far behind the very top Juniors. But he has a very big number, much bigger than all the rest and some of his games are suspect.

So let us go to the World Youth where Roshan was coached by Peter. How did he do there? U16, World level. Peter predicted 50 something giving himself a big margin for error and Roshan came in 70 plus.

This is what I think. Actually we were with Roshan at the Asian Youth the year before. And from what we knew at the time of his skill and knowledge level, I felt that actually Peter's knowledge has reached a cap. At even the U16 at Asian level, Peter had nothing to offer, let alone at World level. But I kept it to myself at the time.

But I started to think deeper into what is really going on. And this is my view now. Both Jimmy and Peter needs to promote a young 13 yo because that is the only way to stay relevant. Peter can shout about how Li Tian has a lot more to learn and Jimmy can divert attention from the fact he cannot play anymore.

If Sumant's achievement and Zhuo Ren's skills and knowledge were given their due recognition, then there cannot be automatic entry into the Olympiads. You see, even by now, Sumant and Zhuo Ren can run rings around Peter and probably Jimmy. Those guys do not have the knowledge or temperament to match those top Juniors or just ex Junior in Zhuo Ren's case.

And if you take into account, Edward Lee, Ronnie Lim, Nicholas Chan etc, then it becomes very obvious that Jimmy's place at the Olympiad was the biggest fraud perpetuated against the Malaysian chess public. And if we also see that Peter only has a fraction of Jimmy's knowledge, then we will see why he can only do what he does.

So how do we prove what I said? Ask Jimmy and Peter to play at National Close this year. Among all the seniors these are the 2 weakest and most toxic and we would do well by exposing their bluff.

And so all the attention is now with Li Tian. Do you think Zhuo Ren will get another private invitation again? How many places are there on the senior squad? And what about Sumant? Didn't he prove something to all of us at SEA games selection? Why didn't we acknowledge his achievement? Doesn't he deserve another chance to prove himself?

So actually who attacked whom Chin Seng? Is it not true that many strong chess players have been sidelined and sabotaged to make way for your son, who has not won even a Junior Tournament? Not even top 6.

All I have asked for is a level playing field. Let the Tournament decide. Now you guys are attacking Mark again and again. Why don't you just prove that he is a weak player as you claim by soundly beating him in a tournament with your own players instead of attacking him psychologically on the blogs like you did to Zhuo Ren and Sumant.

What are you guys so afraid of that you need to ban without grounds. Isn't that cheating? Isn't taking the place of Nicholas Chan and Ronnie Lim cheating? Isn't taking away the places of Eng Chiam and Syazwan cheating? Isn't the back door cheating?

If you really have the skills and knowledge, you will just play in a selection and show us all in Malaysia what Ferrari's you guys really are. There is no need to hammer our players on the blogs and threatening to ban them without grounds. Those are the ways of gangsters. And we do not welcome gangsters in Malaysian Chess. Ref: Here.

Let the board decide who is strong and who is weak. But you already know don't you? If all of those guys come to play by putting out the selection criteria for SEA games early. And proper criteria mind you, then you guys will be history. There are so many players in Malaysia that will bungkus you and then send you home that you won't dare to come.

So here is the challenge, I will even pay for Peter's entry fee for National Close if he writes in to me. In fact I will even consider sponsoring both Jimmy and Peter's entry fees if you guys write in and ask nicely. And if you guys can do well at National Close, I will close down this blog and publicly say that I know nothing about chess. Deal?

I am giving you early notice so you guys can train for the event. I believe in open and fair selection. If you write in and requests any specific game of Mark's I will also consider sending it to you in case you don't have enough information from the last National Junior. Is that fair or do you need more edge? If so please publish the conditions that you think will be fair to you and I will also consider that too. Jimmy's blog will do. It will reach me. You don't need to ban without grounds. Tell me. What other edge do you need so you will feel confident enough to come and play chess? Choice of arbiter?

I think we need to stop you guys from systematically destroying all the strong players in Malaysia just to protect your selfish interests.

And the funny thing is they cannot develop Li Tian can they with their limited and outdated knowledge? What have they done to him? With his fat numbers and suspect games he can now only play certain tournaments where he can be "protected". And when he is no longer that young and innocent boy anymore, they will just find another "wonder boy". Isn't that what they have done for years and years? Didn't we last see this with Eng Chiam? And in the meantime they have demotivated the entire Country of real players and kept the deadwoods in the senior squad.

That is the real game isn't it.

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