Friday, February 15, 2013

Can you name a State that doesn't want selection apart from KLCA?

And KLCA isn't even a real State Association is it?

Now according to Jimmy and Peter, everybody wants to destroy Malaysian chess except for them. So training by a GM is destroying Malaysian chess so it must be attacked. Training for selection against the IM's is destroying Malaysian chess and so it too must be attacked. Even asking for selection itself is a mad ploy by FGM to destroy Malaysian chess. MCF is hiding information from Peter. And now even Fide is out to destroy world chess.

So only they are right. They say fat numbers is the way. And then Peter says it is not the way. Ref: Comments here. So it is confusing. Then we remember that he didn't even know that his own student, Roshan, was strong when he promoted, and still continues to promote, "Jimmy's" student, Li Tian. And then we remember that Roshan, Eng Chiam and Syazwan all bungkus Li Tian at NC2012.

Then we were shown the games by Li Tian that many people feel are suspect. And then we see this young boy, a strong Junior overseas, and his game. Here. And I suddenly remember a conversation with GM Ziaur Rahman. He told us to follow the masters. We asked him how do we know who is a master and who pretends to be a master. And he said, "you can taste the quality of the games".

Then we hear Peter and Jimmy saying this player Mark Siew is so weak. But then both Peter's and Jimmy's players at NJ lost to Mark. And even after Mark had not played for a year. And so I get even more confused. All these power Malaysian chess building exercises by Peter and Jimmy is so confusing. It must be because I do not "play chess". But hey! even Fide has not figured it out yet. So there must still hope for me yet.

The Jimmy and Peter method says that you don't need to win a Junior Tournament to be the strongest Junior. All you need is a fat number. In fact their method says that you must not even play in a selection in case you lose despite the fat number. So they represent the Country at the senior level by not having to play in any tough selection. Just a PR campaign will do.

So it is very confusing yes? But that is not really the problem is it? If they want to think they are Ferrari's let them. No law against that even if we see only a kup chai. It's just a fairy tale.

So we train our way by learning about chess and playing in tough tournaments and they spend their time in making deals, PR campaigns, getting fatter numbers and avoiding Open tournaments unless certain conditions are met. Unless the conditions for suspect games are met. But so what. They need the adulation. Let them. We continue to learn how to play real chess. Let them do it their way and we do it the way that makes sense to us. No problem.

But now this is a problem.

It becomes a problem when MCF does not allow for selection and we pick our players to represent the Country based solely on their fairy tales.

It becomes a problem when the MCF committee formed during ROS days now tries to elect itself in again under COS. How can this be? 2 different Authorities. So there is no committee under COS. How can they have 14/15 votes?

I predict that 9 out of the 10 State Affiliates so far approved from my latest information, cannot want automatic selection or something will be very very wrong. How can they want Jimmy and Li Tian to play without going through a proper selection?

If they do, won't they be openly sabotaging their own State and all the strong players in it?

The big question now is if even 9 States want selection out of the 10, can they even bring the matter up for discussion and debate? We already know that the incumbents do not want selection. They want Jimmy and Li Tian to play for Malaysia without contest.

But we know what MCF doesn't know. We know that if the really strong players in Malaysia comes to play in selection for SEA games at NC say, both Jimmy and Li Tian won't make it. And if Li Tian plays at NJ he will have a tough tough time. Provided Roshan, Nabil, Syakir, Jian Wen, Eng Chiam, Sumant, Yit San, Mark etc plays. So far he has not even made top 6.

So we know Jimmy talks nonsense, Peter talks nonsense and is today only capable of training U12's at best. We know this from his performance as "Coach" at World Youth. We know this from the performance of his player at NJ.

Now do you understand why they have fattened their numbers in the ROS committee? They need to stop you asking questions on selection. So write in to COS and stop this nonsense. Let the States have their say. If they say let Jimmy and Li Tian play without selection, then so be it. The States have that right. But it cannot be the committee members from another Authority ie ROS that tells all the States under COS what to do.

Does that make sense?

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