Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accounts, the other half of the story. Part 1.

This is the first half of the story. Here.

And I believe that what is said is substantially true. But this is still only half the story. Let me explain. Right at the very beginning when feelings were not so intense, I did bring up that this problem arose because the Secretary is not paid. Ref: here. And many people agreed. I argued, how can you expect the horse to run if you do not feed it?

This problem was in built into the previous system. Everyone was going around saying that they did their work purely for the love of chess. And so they had to hide how they were making money. And so this became the weakness that their opponents have been able to work on. Just like in chess. And now they are exploiting this flaw to the fullest. And the people Greg helped are the ones that is catching him with his hand in the cookie jar without authority.

Aiyah! Why like this? What is wrong with earning a decent wage for the hard work that you have put in? Can anyone put up their hand and honestly say that they can do a better job than Greg? I don't think so. So pay him a decent wage. Maybe he wants to get married, have kids etc etc like all the rest of us. And so Greg entered the system with no money and he is not a millionaire as far as I know. So just pay the man legally so that he can continue to do a good job. And pay him the value that commensurates with the value that he is giving us.

What we see now is the people who offers no value trying to take him down. Chess players who cannot play chess but wants to represent the Country, trainers that can train to about U12 talking about developing GM's but attacking real GM's via proxies, that was doing the job. Problems occur when you want big money while giving small or no value.

So are we going to trade a man who gives value but is not paid for someone who gives no value but wants to take over MCF? Madness.

But still the problem of the accounts exist. It has been found out. So how? I suggest that this issue is brought out in front of all the State Affiliates. You need their authority to end this. And I mean the real State Affiliates according to the Constitution. Don't twist and dont lie. If you do, someone can still report this later on. Get it out into the open and get the full AGM behind you. Work out the amounts taken. Get an agreement of a salary starting from xyz. Contra the amounts and arrange to pay back the difference if any. I am sure Greg can get someone to bail him out and return the money to MCF. If you try to hide then this will become the next weakness that can be worked on again and this will never end.

The system is flawed. That's it. Don't compound this problem further. Let it end at the AGM and then make good decisions for the way forward. We have lost enough time on this simple matter. We should be putting our heads together to build Malaysian chess. To get our own GM.

Don't give the opportunists a free key into MCF because of this mistake. Then restructure the system and just do your job and be fair to all stakeholders and this fiasco will die down.

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