Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What did the last SEA games and Olympiad tell us and what is the difference between them?

If you go to Jimmy's blog, you will see that they are arguing about ratings again. And I have said that tournaments and not ratings is the best way to select our players. So which is the truth or is it neither? Lets see.

Let me first make the assertion that Jimmy would like us to believe that ratings is the way simply because it allows for the art of making fat numbers. Let me also say that if you go down this road then it will be very hard for you to play in tough tournaments because the numbers and your skills won't match. And then it will be very hard to initiate a proper PR campaign.

Let me also say that the primary role of Jimmy's site is to cause as much static as possible by the use of diversions, belligerence, insults, my M is bigger than your M or no M etc. Anything to prevent the truth from coming out.

So lets start with the Olympiad. In Malaysia the Olympiad is funded by private sponsors. And we know that MCF announced that the National Close is the selection criteria. And we also know that none of the players who went there made the squad. Li Tian was President's choice. But lets also look at how the choice of players were made. If we base it on ratings, then it is very obvious that Jimmy should not have gone. Zhuo Ren's inclusion is also interesting since he also does not have the rating to go. To get a better understanding we will look at SEA games after this.

The simple truth is that the selection is not based on ratings or tournament. It is based just on the sponsor's choice.

So why are you guys arguing with Peter and Jimmy about ratings? It is just a diversion so you cannot see the truth. That is their role as snake medicine sellers. Aiyah!

The question we need MCF to answer at the AGM is why was this allowed to happen? If the private sponsor wants to sponsor an event for the people he loves, then go to any of the other tournaments around the world where he just have to pay. Why take away the Olympiads which belongs to the entire Malaysian chess community?

All the States are working hard so that their players have a chance to represent the Country. The parents are paying and paying so that their children has a chance to represent the Country if they are good enough. The players are training hard, spending long hours everyday so they have a chance to represent the Country if they play good chess.

So why steal from them when the sponsor can afford to just privately sponsor his favorites to any of the tournaments in the region or around the world?

Don't you want the answer to this question, State Affiliates? Don't you want to know who the sponsor is? Regain your rights by writing to COS and then ask that question at the AGM. Come on man, you are supposed to be the boss.

Now lets us turn to the last SEA games. Who is the sponsor for SEA games? Yes, the government of Malaysia. So there was a "selection" of sorts. Top 10 from NC and the IM's. But at the play off there were 2 additional players outside of the top 10. SEA games is not quite so easy to manipulate since the National Sports Council is involved. The Olympic Council of Malaysia is also peripherally involved. So they need the semblance of selection.

So this needs special treatment. Can you now see why the FGM training was such a threat to them? They want to bungkus the SEA games too but they must have a "selection". So it must be a selection where they can psycho the players into not daring to train. Look, they come from the school of fat numbers and FGM teaches the school of tough training and fighting spirit. And mumbo jumbo like competitor analysis etc. So how? Yes, attack the players. Get them to write nasty emails. Then reward him with a place at the Olympiad for his cooperation. See above on Olympiad. Hammer and punish them if they dare to win.

Then next SEA games senang lah. Now even Government money we can makan. So we have 2 free holidays now.

What ratings? It has never been about ratings. It has always been about the back doors and PR campaigns. What do you think they are positioning Li Tian for? Fat numbers but cannot play at NJ. Do you think the coming SEA games will have fair selection? Will they allow for training? Or are they busy setting up the back door channels even as they speak to you?

Don't the State Affiliates want to make sure that the players from their States are given a fair shot? That they are allowed to train with who they want without being attacked? That if they win their place they can play without harassment?

Isn't it the job of the State Affiliates to protect the integrity of their States and to protect their State players? So why no noise after the Olympiad selection fiasco? They have stolen from you and now they want to vote themselves in again so they can finally bungkus SEA games too.

So don't you want to ask the committee any questions at AGM or are you going to go quietly and then go back and then shout on the blogs about the Malaysian GM. How dah? All potential GM's sudah bungkus by fat numbers snake medicine sellers? Isn't that what has happened to those that dared to train and do their best in every tournament? Where is Eng Chiam now?

All our players have is the State Affiliates to fight for them at the AGM so they can fight on the table for our Country. You have to do your fight at the AGM so that the real chess players can do theirs on the board for Malaysia in the International arena. Otherwise no GM. We have the talent. Don't let them down.

But how, oh how will you do that if you have lost your rights too? If you get tricked into surrendering your rights to the snake medicine seller?


  1. ' All our players have is the State Affiliates to fight for them at the AGM '...... agree. After AGM... what's next ? another AGM ? What we deserve, we get..... or shall we skin the state delegates????????

  2. I suggest we make things right at the AGM. I also suggest everyone start talking to their State Affiliates to get them to do their job properly. See tomorrow's post.