Monday, February 18, 2013

And then we come to the Accounts.

See what is happening in another sport in Malaysia. Here.

Do you see a link between the modus operandi of fattening ratings and then the players cannot even play in a selection or risk being found out and the fattening of the numbers of the committee members of MCF beyond what is allowed for in the Constitution and from another Authority even?

Doesn't it say that they have something to hide? Doesn't it tell us that they are afraid of losing which also tells us that we are actually winning, no? They know that they don't have the numbers at AGM. They know that if they play in a proper selection they will be history.

So they need to stop you asking questions about selection and the accounts. Let me share some rumours here. I am told that there is a lot of horse trading going on now. They have about 15 votes. (18 if you add KLCA). Enough to jam any questions from the majority of the States. The rumours go that I will support your accounts and agenda if you do this and this; if this guy becomes President, Secretary etc.

Just rumours or can I say drama?

Why do I say drama? Because actually the horse traders do not actually have a vote do they? They will only have a vote if nobody writes in to COS.

So isn't this the game? I do not have to play real chess if I can convince you there is no need. All I have to do is to create an illusion that I am a Ferrari. I do not even have to worry about what the States want or not want. All I have to do is to create the illusion that COS won't act. Don't put up your hands, the arbiter will always rule against you.

And so all these things came to pass. Does the link above debunk the "feeling" that even COS is out to destroy Malaysian chess?

I read all those messages on facebook talking about "building up" Malaysian chess etc etc. Use your chess training. What is the opponent doing here? Never disturb the opponent when he is making a mistake, when he is going down the wrong track.

How are we to progress when our strongest and real chess players are taken out in this manner? First they say Fide rating, then they say forget about the Fide rating. You can be the strongest Junior and the strongest player only when Jimmy and Peter says so. The simple fact is that the ratings can be got from "select" tournaments or from fighting in real tournaments. The best way to find out who can play chess and who can only fatten numbers is by playing a proper selection. Who do you want to represent Malaysia? The player who will stand tall and take the fight to the opponent or the pretty fat numbers? Aiyah! Choose the chess players not the pretty numbers. That is really building Malaysian chess right?

And how do you develop Malaysian chess when the money is disappearing?

We can take a solid step to building Malaysian chess if the States can ask the real questions. About selection and the accounts. For all these to happen, you must first write in to COS. As many States as possible.

That is building Malaysian chess. 

The rest is just the drama and the noise. Go to Jimmy's site to see what I mean. Pusing, pusing pusing. So many years and they keep changing the story over and over again. Aren't you tired of it? We don't have to listen to rumours anymore.

At the AGM the States can find out the truth when the rights of the States are recognised and restored. The "committee members" will then have to present the evidence to them. And then the States can do like what the sport in the link above have done.

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