Monday, February 25, 2013

Accounts, half of the story.

The Constitution. Here.

From the information I have been given this is how the accounts will be presented as well as what is going on. The accounts is presented as a series of reconciliation based just on the bank balances. This is not correct for the reasons I will explain further down. What I have also been told is that the horse traders are invited in one at a time to determine the conditions they want to elicit their support for this presentation at AGM. I am also told that they have also gotten an "auditor" that everybody loves to sign off on the accounts.

If that is true then we have many layers of traps being constructed. However I must place a caveat here. The only real way to verify the information given to me is at the AGM. If it is true, then at least you will be well prepared. So lets continue with the story of the accounts and the possible traps.

The accounts.

All the ingoings and outgoings must be accompanied by the appropriate authority. And the constitution in article 20.4 says that anything over RM200 must have the approval of the main committee. I believe this condition has not been met. So this is going to be a big whammy.

My information also tells me that many amounts have not even been banked in. For instance, money from Fide and the Asian Chess Federation. So if this is true then it should be queried at the AGM.

The State Affiliates also have the right to understand the deals made in Melaka for instance. Let me explain. Lets call this the kiri kanan magic trick. Say the money from Fide is given out as prize money. Is there anything wrong with that?

Actually the money from Fide belongs to the entire Malaysian chess community for development which has been used for an outside event. So that is the stake that we have all put into the deal and so we have the right to get a return that goes back into the Federation. But what if that right is given away to a private entity and then the return is returned to a private individual? Fide (our) money goes into the deal via kiri, money comes out of the deal via kanan from a private pocket into another private pocket and hey presto, magic trick. Money gone right before our eyes. Neat trick yes?

So the State Affiliates have the right to know about the structure of the deal and about the authority given to the officials to negotiate on behalf of MCF. Yes?

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other irregularities which I have written about before.

The traps.

Now what do you think will be the role of the horse traders at the AGM? They have already been "convinced" for a "consideration" to silang the discussions if anybody dares to bring this up. And here you will find that those with the most gangster type demeanor has the prized skill that can hold sway. And we know who has been practicing that type of kung fu right? You talk and I will shout at you. I will call you names, call you stupid, fool etc. And I am a master at this game. Not chess right? What has happened to the reasoning and where are the problem solving skills of chess?

But say you survive that opening trap and you manage to raise the questions although you are by now shaking in your boots by the shoutings of a "mad master".

Then the second opening trick is sprung. Now the silat comes out. Hey, that is your good friend. He is a nice guy and he signed off on it. Do you want to get him in trouble? Be reasonable. Come on. That is not the Malaysian way. Don't ask questions. Just resign the game.

An aside: Haven't we seen this trick before? Is this similar to the Li Tian story? Don't ask questions. He is a nice boy. (Remember the test will be at NC and NJ. The rest doesn't count). And the questions are asked to his adult handlers and not him. But still it is a good trick no? Very versatile opening. Can use in many games.

Only if you get past all these opening tricks can we get to the meat of the game. But you know all these kan? You are all chess players.

But this is still only one half of the story as told to me by inside sources. And it is still not complete. To evaluate well we need to see the full picture, the full board. Then we can be fair and come to a balanced and well reasoned conclusions. And we want to be fair right? We want to build up Malaysian chess. We want our own GM.

Note: This should not be about anger or revenge. That will not change anything. Yes, there are issues that are screaming for resolution. Yes, we want our Malaysian GM and we need money to do it. We need money to run the programs. So how to do it if the money disappears in magic tricks?

The really really big question is how do we get to a Malaysian GM using all of our best talents, resources and as a team. A biggie right given the mess we are in?

So please suspend any judgement till tomorrow. Until then.

All my best to Malaysian chess.


  1. Try to understand the position first Fadli. Then form your strategy. Don't make this about anger. Make this about building strong Malaysian chess players and how we get there. Read tomorrow's post k.

  2. Sori orang tertentu dalam mcf sudah sampai tahap yang melampau. saya tak boleh biarkan penyelewengan dana, dan salah gunakuasa dalam mcf bertimbun2 banyak. tunggu tindakan repot saya kepada pihak berkuasa dalam masa terdekat ini.