Thursday, February 14, 2013

MCF committee elects MCF committee.

Does this sound right to you? I think this is normal and everything is as it should be. Let me share my perspective.

The AGM is on the 10th of March. And I have been given information that there is now an enlarged list of MCF committee members. Around 14/15 as opposed to the 10 allowed for in the Constitution. Lets say 15. That is the equivalent of 5 States since it is said that each committee member has one vote. And the States have 3 each but only if they bring 3 persons to vote.

The last information that I have showed that 10 States have been approved as State Affiliates and allowed to vote at the AGM. For the sake of argument lets say that 4 States are for the incumbent and 6 States want a change. With the committee members having the votes that will theoretically translate to 9 States in terms of votes for status quo versus 6 States that want change. And the incumbents will vote themselves back in won't they? They want to win this game too.

Remember this is chess. If the rules have been infringed and you don't put up your hand and call in the arbiter then we say in chess you deserve to lose. So why would you complain after the game? It is too late. Game over. Nasi dah jadi bubur.

After the game you will say that it is not fair. It is the States that should elect the committee. How can the committee elect the committee? You will say that as the State Affiliate, you participate in the age group programs and the junior programs. And then you say that you want to see a Sabahan, a Johorean etc etc in the senior Malaysian squad if your players are any good for the pride of your State. But for this to happen there must be a fair selection.

And then you remember this blog which has been telling you that this is not possible. You need Jimmy's permission. And he will say this. No training program by a GM. No training allowed for selection. Or I will attack you, your players and your program. He will say, wait for your turn or you will make enemies. You see, I still want to play for Malaysia but without selection. And Peter will say, kow tow to me or I will ban your player. I don't need any grounds for I am the God of chess. Together with their contact in MCF they can raise or destroy any player. So forget about chess. Learn how to deal. But when I am retired from old age and not before.

Why am I saying this? People have come to me to ask my opinion and I have said, write in to COS. This doesn't sound right. Get their ruling. But I hear that now they are saying that they "feel" COS won't rule against the incumbent. And they have engaged lawyers etc etc.

Aiyah! Imagined fears. Get the ruling first. If the ruling is not correct then engage the lawyers. What can your lawyer do when there has been no ruling yet? Aiyah! How dah?

If you are in the game of chess, just put up your hands and call for the nearest floor arbiter. You cannot "feel", oh this arbiter is from China and he won't rule in Malaysia's favour. That is wrong thinking. If that arbiter rules unfairly, call for the Chief Arbiter. If still not satisfied, appeal. There is a process so use it.

It is simple. If you don't use the process, then you deserve to lose. So what if you have 7 States to their 3 even. They still outvote you by 8 States to 7. They are the incumbent committee members. Where do you think their loyalty will lie?

Do you expect your opponent in chess to tell you that he/she has infringed the laws of chess? That he/she judges that you are winning and will explain the postition to you when you want to resign the game?

Come on my friends. Also please don't tell me to attack this person or that person on my blog. I stand for issues although I use examples from public sources. I stand for clean and fair selection. Maybe it will be the incumbents that will see the sense of my arguments. Who knows? Stranger things have happened in life.

You want to win then you get your act together. Write in to COS and then it is up to the States. If you don't do that you will just have no say. In chess, they say from opening sudah bungkus. So why do you still want to play? You are outclassed.

The other funny thing is why are you all waiting for each other to write in first? Just write. It is legal to do so. The more States that write in the better. So please no complaints after the AGM k? My assessment is that you have a won game. But you just cannot see it. And you are playing the game, not me. I am just coaching my son now and I write a small chess blog. If you want the position and the honour of high office then fight for it within the law. If you want change and improvement, then write in to COS and have your say as expressed for in the Constitution.

FGM wishes all parties fighting for the posts in MCF good luck. May the best player win.

And btw Happy Valentines day.

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