Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What are the issues between the Gods of chess and us?

Please read this first. Here.

I have been meaning to write on the other half of the accounts story for 2 days now and things are happening quite rapidly on the chess scene prior to AGM. More later. In the other half of the story I wanted to balance the picture and make some suggestions for a way forward. Towards a better future for Malaysian chess. But this morning I thought maybe it's better that we thoroughly understand the issues on the chess board before talking about solutions and then I found the story above. I think it provides a good enough analogy to seeing what is happening to Malaysian chess today. So have you read it yet? Ok, lets start then.

For the purposes of this analogy, let us assume that the British investors have a case and MCF is the Government of Malaysia. In a way that is correct. As investors, organisers, parents, trainers, coaches and players we go to MCF as the ruling authority for resolution of issues. And many of us face the same frustrations as the British investors. We just cannot get any action against the people who violate the rules. So that is bad enough.

There is also a difference in the analogy. The investors in Britain are all adults and so we can say to an extent caveat emptor, "let the buyer beware", although that does not spare them the pain of loss as described in the link above.

However in chess, this injustice and pain is inflicted on many children as you have seen displayed on Jimmy's blog.

The issue is also that we could have had a lot more investments into Malaysian chess if those attacks were not conducted via Jimmy's blog as well as the arrogant abuse of the rules by Peter. Many good investors will only enter an ordered environment and will not come into chess if gangsters rule, leaving us with only a very few options. Just look into FGM's history to see what we have lost.

So that is bad enough. But the situation we will be facing at the AGM is not about the tidak apa attitude we currently face with MCF (or as those British investors say about GOM). The situation we now face is akin to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Now these abusers of children and rule breakers are wanting to take total control of MCF.

Can you see that? If Peter takes over then Malaysian chess will be taken back many years. I think the problems we now have can be solved and I will make some suggestions in my next post that I hope will be helpful.

That is the issue facing us now and I hope you will work with me by thinking this through and maybe giving my ideas a chance to work at the coming AGM. It may not be perfect but I think it will be a basis for improvement. If Peter takes over and from what I heard last night about the latest developments, he may have increased his chances, then truly the lunatic will have taken over the asylum.

Can you imagine what MCF will be like if what Jimmy and Peter does becomes official policy of MCF rather than an outside show like it is now?

Thank you for giving me the chance to explain. Until my next post then.

All my best to Malaysian chess.

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