Saturday, February 9, 2013

So what are the snake medicine sellers selling us?

We know Jimmy is against our Juniors learning from a real GM and we know that if anyone actually dares to train and fight for their rightful place in a selection for the senior squad then they will be punished. We also know that they need to keep promoting a new "wonder kid" that hasn't reached the age of 15yo yet in order to stay relevant.

And we know that they have support from within MCF from the way all those that actually played in the selection for the Olympiads did not get to go. Note: Li Tian got in under President's choice.

So that has knocked out anyone above 15yo apart from the back street boys. When the Juniors do actually reach the maturity and understanding of the game to pose a challenge to the next level ie the senior squad, they are knocked out. At best they are given a token place if they do not fight as their reward.

So what is it that the snake medicine sellers are really selling us? They don't want us to do it the correct way. Actually the clues are here if we look closer. Here. Why are they so desperate to knock out a "weak" player? Here.

After all they have all the odds. Just between Jimmy and Peter they have at least 60 years head start to my 2 as they say. If they bring in mighty Mok, they will have close to or over a 100 years to my 2. And they have the support of MCF to fix the selection for them as well as maybe a couple of suspect arbiters. So why the desperate need to attack the young boys as they have been doing? If I had odds like that, I will just keep quiet and bungkus the young boys in tournament and nobody will ever hear about them because they cannot play chess.

So that is the burning question we want to look at today.

Now if the suspect games of Li Tian is really suspect and even the Fide Secretary thinks so then what do we have? Did you pick up the clues from the link above? Why did IM Goh get into the fray? He messaged me on facebook and had a long debate with me. He then asked to keep our conversation private as he does not believe in publicly airing his views. Then why the change of mind? After his public comment I am no longer obliged to keep our conversations private.

If we look carefully at the supporters of Jimmy and Peter, we will find that they are primarily beneficiaries of what they are really selling. So you will find the beneficiaries of the back doors, the beneficiaries of the side business of building fat numbers. You will also find parents hoping their child will be the next "wonder boy" if they ask really nicely. And you will find parents who are just taken in by the con or intimidated by the venomous attacks on their children if they don't comply to Peter's and Jimmy's demands.

Note: In the confusion the parents cannot see that the child must be below 15 and must play at least decent chess at age group level. Or it will be too difficult to package. Read this again. Here. They also fail to see that the real game is not about the "wonder boy". They have no real solutions there. Also how many "wonder boys" can they promote at any one time and still keep their own back door places? 

The "wonder boy" is only there to divert our attention from seeing their real agenda of preventing the really strong Juniors from challenging their places on the senior squad and also maybe for this reason....

If all the above are reasonable premises then I think the implications must lead to this situation. Lets see if the suspect games specialists go to any one tournament. If they are all there, what do you think can happen? Can there now be a new business selling norms?

So this is the speculation and I have presented you with what I have observed for you to evaluate for yourself if what I say carries water or not? In the meantime, all our really strong chess players are knocked out.

A parent said this to me this at NAG. He said if Peter succeeds, assuming I am correct, then at least we will have our first GM. Well, maybe. I suppose some may look at it this way. I look at it another way. Now why would we want a GM that we cannot display? One that cannot play in a real tournament? Look at Jimmy and Peter. They have both signed up for Open Tournaments and then pulled out at the last moment. They can only appear in select rapids, Veterans and Team events. Do we really want our own GM like that too? Looks like, sounds like, roars like a GM but actually a pussy cat.

So this is the question we must all ask ourselves as Peter is making a play to take over MCF. Will we want to pay the real costs of sabotaging ALL the players that can actually play chess so that Peter's and Jimmy's dream will come true at last? If they succeed, then doesn't it in one swoop nullify all the investments of time and money that the parents have put in to teach their children real chess by real Masters? Assuming again I am right of course.

Lets us all focus our attention on the coming KL masters. We may see the coming of our first GM norm, snake medicine style, the next dance craze after chinseng style.

Do think about it.

Happy CNY to all my Chinese readers.

ps: Could this be why Fide now wants to license players? Here. Maybe there is just too much "fixing" going on. I am not worried about it. Now why would Jimmy and Peter jump up and down? I don't know. I don't play chess. What do you think Ilham? Maybe you can throw some light on this.


  1. What do you think of FIDE's new regulation to license players?

  2. I will share my thoughts a little later. Good question.