Friday, February 22, 2013

The MCF connection.

We know that they will not come out and play no matter how humbly we ask them. This has nothing to do with humility. This is about fear. They can only create the illusion of strength when they play overseas and certain conditions are met. But even then the illusions are crumbling as it is now very difficult to find tournaments which is not posting up the games. So they are getting very very desperate for they cannot really play chess. All they have is insults, diversions, fabrications etc. But very low level chess. Otherwise they will just come out and play and shut me up for good. I even invite them in advance. NC and NJ. No ambush. Fair advance notice so they can train. They can even arrange their own arbiter, play tag team or whatever they want when they take over MCF. Ref: Here. So what is the problem?

They are actually nothing more than cartoon characters if they did not have strong influence within MCF. Put in proper selection and then they can come with their fat numbers and do a fashion parade and then we will bungkus them and send them home. After a few times they will learn that they actually have to play chess and forget their PR campaigns and gangster ways. The only thing that keeps these jokers around is simply because they know they do not have to play real chess to represent the Country. So what is the problem now?

They already have the Olympiads. Absolutely without any regard to anyone else except themselves. And now they want SEA games too. Ref: Here. But they cannot play chess. At least not at the level they want us to think. Can they be any better than GM Ziaur Rahman? Can they possibly be better than the Ukrainian Coach?

But they want SEA games too. And that is what the fight is about now. Peter wants a deal to put in his own man as President. And Greg is saying be reasonable Peter, you guys already have Olympiads as your special club. Just be contented. SEA games cannot play like that lah. SEA games got government involved. Let me handle it my way. But they don't see eye to eye. Peter is saying, but I couldn't get to go to Olympiads last time. Just the time before. I feel left out. Not enough places. I need SEA games too or I will boot you out.

And the test they put Greg through which he failed was, ban FGM, ban Mark etc etc. But Greg is saying, be reasonable Jimmy and Peter. On what grounds? For training Sumant? For that one incident at NJ that was already properly ruled and resolved in 2010? But Peter and Jimmy is saying. Why worry about any grounds? Do like what we do. We can ban without grounds, represent the Country without selection or being able to play chess, attack anyone we like etc. What constitution, what rules of Fide? That is all rubbish. All we need is intimidation, fat numbers and PR campaigns.

Look at our success rate so far. How many players have we destroyed without ever having to play chess?

If we don't do this, we will be history. Don't you know that people are now finding out about us? How much longer do you think we can dance and not play in real tournaments before everybody finds out we cannot play chess anymore but can only keep insulting them so they continue to believe we can play chess?

So we need to challenge you Greg. We know you are weak now. Not enough votes. So I will go to Kelantan to try and get votes on my side. No need CNY even. That is not important. And Greg went to Terengganu. And so the drama is being played out.

This story tells us a few things. For Greg at least he likes to have a semblance of rules to continue to look legitimate. For Peter and Jimmy, what rules? We just do as we please. And we want SEA games now or we will fight you. The Olympiads is just not enough. We have too many cronies and Peter has a product to sell.

And so Peter looks for the parents that have influence or votes. Look he says. I know some of you have spent 10s of thousands developing your child. And he/she is going past 15. Let me tell you what I can do. Ref: Here.

The thing is the product doesn't work. When we first came into National level chess, stories abound about a parent that paid over 200K to make his child a GM. But very hard to validate because who would want to admit that he was cheated out of that amount? Look, the GM's will not allow cheap entry into their ranks. It may be possible to arrange one or two games in a private room. But a GM run? Hmmmm

Another parent told me he paid RM10K for one week of training by a GM. And that fee does not cover food and lodging. And he is not the only parent that have spent those kind of amounts. Not by a long shot.

Desperate people will buy desperate solutions. Especially if they believe the snake medicine sellers story that their kids are all washed out by 15yo.

Anyway that looks like the drama of the day. And the influence they have to take over MCF is via the accounts. More on that later. I will then talk about the Presidential race after that.

Now the funny thing is this. And I say it again. These are deals made by horse traders who are not supposed to have votes except for KLCA. And if it works and Greg is unable to mount a good defence then we will be welcoming Peter in soon as our new Secretary of MCF.

And then wholesale bannings will occur. You cannot play for KL unless you belong to Peter University. You cannot even play for Malaysia unless you go to, sure I can make you GM University. But only if you have the right bargaining chips. You cannot even organise as a private organiser in KL unless you pay bunga emas (tribute) to KLCA. You think this is fantasy? Talk to Hamid and Fadli.

None of this has to happen if the States are able to regain their rights. Or they will walk into a done deal and have zero say. Has anyone written to COS yet? Yes? No?

In short, Peter now wants total control of MCF and the best way to prevent this happening is for the States to regain control of this chess game. Don't leave it to chance. Greg is not that strong and Jimmy and Peter has a product that is very very tempting to some parents after all that heavy investment. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. That is not how snake medicine is sold.

Ok. Lets talk about the accounts again next. New tidbits.

Btw, as the story goes, that boy didn't make it as GM even after the parent had paid over 200K. In fact he has dropped out of chess altogether.


  1. SM akan repot kat polis,SPRM, COS, ROS, MSN, Kementerian Belia dan Sukan, FIDE, Asian Chess Federation,etc... kalau ada orang berani aniaya SM. Akan LOBI semua boikot mereka yang aniaya SM. hahahaha

  2. I think step one is to write to COS about the illegitimate votes. For the rest you will need evidence. That evidence will be presented to the State Affiliates at AGM. That is the best way. The States can then rule what to do with the evidence if they have the votes. Otherwise all will be swept under the carpet again. Read my next post on accounts. I promise you it will be very interesting.