Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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I was just informed that there is no more deal. It is now a straight fight to the finish. That makes sense. If Peter was to wait for 6 months after March, then he won't be able to send who he wants for SEA games. So this changes the dynamics, the nature of the game and Peter has the very potent weapon of the accounts is his arsenal. You agree?

So how did this crazy situation arise? We have Peter who has not even managed to get KLCA in working order fighting for the national post against Greg who many people still think is probably the best Secretary we have ever had, in serious danger of being checkmated or worse.

One word. Arrogance. Greg missed a very very important clue on the chessboard. It is very very very apparent that many people are feeding me information. Otherwise how would I know what is going on? I hardly travel out of Perak and I cannot be everywhere at once. So FGM has been expressing the anger and frustrations of many people. A large part of the anger was built up over selection for the Olympiads. But he paid no heed. It is very possible that even the people in Peter and Jimmy's camp is feeding me information via 3rd parties. Why not if it helps to take Greg down? The vast bulk of the information is verifiable against the constitution at the AGM.

So the very same people Greg has helped to go to the Olympiads via the back door etc etc etc is now using all the angry energy generated from the Olympiads to take him down. Ironic don't you think? Now Peter is going to use all that energy from the anger around selection for the Olympiads to take away both the Olympiads and SEA games too. Bravo. Great chess drama.

We now face the possible future where any player stronger than what Peter and Jimmy can produce will be banned or attacked till they are psychologically broken and cannot play strong chess anymore, private organisers who do not kow tow will be attacked. No more private initiatives for training by GM apart from Peter University. Guess how much he will charge you? Ref: Here. Don't even try to win selection if any or you will be attacked. He will set Jimmy on you.

So this is not a story of good guy bad guy. This is the story of a very imperfect man who I still think has some basic decency against a total opportunist and snake medicine seller. The scorpion has shown himself.

All you had to do Greg, was to address the legitimate grievances and issues. Then there won't be so much anger to cloud their judgement. Then people can still see what you have accomplished. You are now in a trap of your own making. Now it may be too late. I hope not.

For all of Malaysian chess will suffer a major setback if Peter succeeds. I have tried to warn you many many times.

I will try to address the issues again in my next post.

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