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Can Greg survive the ambush? Lets study the position.

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Let me tell you what I know. Up to NAG many States were sold on the idea of writing in to COS. I even helped to draft a letter to COS for one of them. Up to that point the discussions were centered on how to find a compromise so that we can retain our best official talents as well as find new ones and nobody has to go to prison.

Note: The accounts is an explosive dynamite and if not handled properly can lead to the involvement of other Authorities. I will write more on it after the weekend.

So up to that point the discussions were centered on how to improve on what we have. The end of illegal banning, allowing other Academies and private organisers the space to develop themselves without being attacked etc. Protecting our players so they can progress based on their chess via proper selection etc etc etc.

But something changed during NAG. Suddenly I am asked to attack this person and that person on my blog. Then I am told that the COS option is not being pursued anymore. So I want to state my stand again here. I am not for any party. I only want a good environment for everybody in the chess community and I am not interested in any post. I write based on issues.

So why the change of position? I am told there is a new deal in town. What I have been told is that the deal being pushed by Peter is that the incumbents can stay for 6 months after AGM to save face and then they must resign and make way for Peter and his people.

If that happens, I think all our worst nightmares will come true. So let me tell you why I think this has a good chance to succeed and this is a major game changer.

Up to this point it has been a discussion by people of goodwill. Nobody I have spoken to wanted to or would have used the weapon of the accounts to put Greg etc in prison. It was just a bargaining chip to win some concessions for improvement.

If my judgement has any validity, the one person that will use this weapon to destroy would be Peter. And if he uses this weapon he will probably have Greg totally pinned. In fact maybe even checkmated. And what he wants will probably transpire.

As far as I can see, the only sure way to stop his plans will be for the States to stop those 15 illegal votes. Look, the current committee have 15 votes. Peter has 3. That means that they already have the equivalent of 6 states. There are only 9 States left with any votes. All Peter needs is 2 more States and he will have 8 to your 7. All the 15 votes on the committee will probably vote as a block. With the threat of prison term wielded by a mad man for possibly some of them, what do you think they will do?

Are any of you willing to bet that Peter loves chess and is doing this for the benefit of the chess community?

All it takes is one man who doesn't care about anybody aside from himself to hold everyone hostage. If Peter says he will use this weapon would you believe him? Is he capable of such an act? I think so. And I think Greg knows that too.

You need to take away that power from him. Then it becomes 9 States versus one pseudo State. Then if he issues threats, it's just one mad dog barking. Do you think I have any basis to be concerned?

Look, this man together with Jimmy is even able to convince parents to work against the interests of their own children. They know how to sell snake medicine. They are able to hoodwink many people into thinking they can make GM's, that they know more about chess than anyone in the whole world including GM's.

So I think he has a chance to succeed. I think he already has the other 2 States that he needs. Don't underestimate them or you will wake up on March the 11th in a very different Malaysian chess world. These people don't care who or what they destroy in order to further their ambitions.

Write in to COS. If I am wrong then you can have a good laugh at my expense. I don't mind. But do think about what will happen if I am right?

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