Thursday, September 20, 2012

More twisting is not going to get you off the hook.

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Getting written statements by misleading Zhuo Ren that he can get a place at SEA games because of a deal does not count for denial that my training took place. Attacking Sumant all over the place and lead by your blog and finally the perceived threats to his place on the squad to get him to say I am not his coach when he has been coming to my place for over 2 years for training is not something you should be proud of. It just shows that you know how to manipulate and intimidate young boys.

Picking on the one mistake that Mark made as a young boy and calling him names show what a low life you really are. Yes, he wanted to submit the result and yes the arbiter confronted him and yes he then told the truth when he could have lied. Wanting to do and doing is two very different things. That makes him a man in my eyes. Nobody great I know of have not made mistakes. But it takes a man to own up to his mistakes.

For the full story. Here.

Is that all you have? That one speck compared to your logs? You are a very sorry excuse of a human being Jimmy. Is that why you are so afraid of a proper selection?

What I am really saying to you Jimmy, in case you didn't catch it, is try your tricks on me. Leave the kids alone.

Btw: Case #2 is a total fabrication. Half truths and total lies. And heart of a champion was a tribute to the unbroken fighting spirit of all the juniors in that play off. Something I am sure you have no clue of.

Deep down inside, is that not the real reason why you try to break them. They have something you lost a long time ago.


  1. hi Raymond Siew, saya sedang kumpul bukti2 untuk submit aduan kepada sprm dan cos mengenai salah kuasa gregory dalam mcf. kalau u ada apa2 bukti salah gunakuasa beliau dalam mcf, sila emel kepada saya.thanks

  2. I think the clearest evidence we have may be Asian Amateur. For that you need to speak to the sponsor there. Good luck.