Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do we need to trust MCF?

I was just reading Fadli's sharing on facebook on how organisers can make a decent profit out of events. Good sharing Fadli. That is exactly the same model FGM uses for it's events. It is based on having a good reputation and looking out for the reputation and interests of the sponsors by running a clean event. Trust. That is the key.

I was also just informed that Sumant has announced on facebook that he was not paid for an event by an organiser and Jimmy is advising him to keep quiet.

This is my guideline. Never use hearsay for that will be spreading rumours. But by all means share from your personal experience. Dishonest people rely on us keeping quiet so they can cheat innocent people over and over again.

This is a very critical point. Those that are dishonest are destroying chess in Malaysia. And certain dishonest people now rely on the MCF umbrella to survive. Because of our sharing they are now finding it difficult to get jobs outside. And MCF itself is now suffering from a serious credibility issue. Think on this. Next time when they call for selection, who will go? Now that more and more people know that sponsors money going into MCF accounts disappears, who is going to continue to sponsor MCF?

If match fixing is not stopped, what will happen to Malaysian chess in time?

This is what they don't understand. This is what they don't want you to know. But they cannot stop the spread of information today can they? If we are unable to trust MCF because of sabotage and ill dealings then Malaysian chess cannot prosper. All the back doors and cheating need to stop. And then we will not only see one GM but many for Malaysia is blessed with a multitude of very gifted and talented players. Don't let those few dishonest people stop us from progressing. Keep sharing your personal truth. That is a good thing.

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